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2020 Blew the top off!

new earth Oct 21, 2020

I live in a little condo on the beach in southeastern Florida.

I walk before the sun comes up, and I find these beautiful shells on my morning walk.

They remind me about how much life is in the ocean. Look at these beautiful shells.

There's life in these that creates these beautiful shells.

I always used to pick up the ones that were in the best shape.

Then 2020 came along, and I kinda feel like 2020 did this to a lot of us: kind of put a hole in us; tossed us around a lot; and, maybe broke some things loose.

As I was thinking about being quarantined in 2020, I was so glad that I was quarantined with my husband. Look at this beautiful shell that I found where these two shells came together and washed up on shore.

This is a beautiful expression of yin and yang; and a lovely representation of us being quarantined together on the beach.

The one that really got me was this one where the whole top had been blown off.

So instead of just getting bounced around in 2020 with all the...

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Quantum Energy Infusion Level 1 Program Overview

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020


Discover how to make better decisions and focus your energy in the right place, right time.

  • Initial Aura Energy Session
  • Learn True for You Testing to make decisions that are right for you
  • Begin practicing the Heaven and Earth grounding exercise
  • Discover the Central Vessel to release what no longer serves you
  • Practice these new daily exercises to Awaken your energy 



Free yourself of unwanted emotions to make room for the joy and love you want to give and receive.

  • Releasing Trapped Emotions Energy Session
  • Learn to activate a Radiant Circuit to feed and protect your energy
  • New daily exercise to Engage your stream of energy 


Module 3 - TAP INTO YOU

Find ways to alleviate stress and dis-ease in your daily life.

  • Energy Treatment and Tapping Session
  • Manage and Process your life as it is happening
  • New daily exercises to Excite your energy



Learn techniques to...

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Peaceful CoExistence Begins with Me

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Peaceful CoExistence begins with me.

Five years ago, I channeled 30 meditations for peace.

I put them up on 30 Days for Peace. com:

And I launched them on International Peace Day. 

Gary Lynn Floyd put the music to these meditations; these One Minute Meditations for Peace.

My goal was to write 30 meditations for peace, have Gary put music behind them, and let people have a peaceful moment. 

Five years later, we sent these out on International Peace Day again 

As I listened to each one of these, it sounds like they were written for 2020. 

It's so amazing to me how Intelligence works! 

How I was guided to channel those messages in from one of the Ascended Masters. These came from Jesus.

There's no religion around them. 

It's all about peace. 

And it's beautiful, especially for us to have these messages in 2020; the time of this massive shift that humanity is going through. 

What I want you to know is you can make a...

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You have a LifeForce Highway!

lifeforce energy Oct 07, 2020

You have a highway of energy that runs through your body.

It runs clear out the top of your head, runs all the way through your body, and clear out down through your feet.

I like to call it the LifeForce Highway, because the LifeForce Energy comes into your body and fuels you.

We are going to literally breathe the LifeForce Energy into your body.

This highway that runs the length of your body all the way into the ground and all the way back up above your head has other names.

It is called the Pranic Channel in in yoga traditions.

It's called a Penetrating or Thrusting Vessel in Chinese medicine traditions.

Sometimes it's called the Central Channel.

I like to call it a LifeForce Highway because it goes up; it goes down; and the energy also comes out through the chakra system.

We're going to bring in this LifeForce Energy by breathing it in using your entire body.

I like to count while doing breathing exercises to pace my breaths. 

Breathe in for the count of four starting at...

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Energy is Changing All Around Us - We Can Help Process It!

processing energy Sep 30, 2020

We are living in a time of great change in 2020. 

Energy is changing all around us.

The energy of life as we knew it no longer exists.

A New Energy, a New Earth, a new life is emerging.

What an exciting time to be alive!

Fortunately, you can deal with energy, your body is an energy processing plant!

My husband was a chemical engineer for 45 years and he built process plants.

These plants took natural gas out of the earth as a vapor and processed it - cryogenically processed it - so it came out a liquid gas. 

It was converted from a vapor into a liquid. 

Your body can convert energy also. 

During this massive time of transformation, there are dark, heavy, old paradigms and old belief systems that are coming up to be healed. 

They have to do with very dark energies: the energy of oppression; the energy of rape; the energy of trafficking; and, the energy of inequality.

These are old energies that no longer serve us as humanity.

Let's Process These Old Energies...

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Let it Go!

release energy Sep 23, 2020

Here at Quantum Energy Infusion we have weekly group energy sessions and our participants are showing up with a lot of heavy energy in their systems.

They're showing up reporting feeling heavy emotions, feeling a lot of sadness, feeling agitation and frustration.

It's kind of a sign of the times. In 2020 we're living in this time of massive transformation, and it's showing up in people's energy fields.

In our Group Energy Sessions the first thing we do start releasing the energy that's stuck in their field.

To do this, I'm making a curlicue shape almost circular, as we start by releasing this energy.

The heavy energy is actually in your Auric Field - we're trying to clear your Auric Field.

I'm also thinking about releasing anything that's in my heart that doesn't need to be there.

We literally say,  "Let everything that needs to go, go."

This is how we start the class when people show up and there's a lot of heavy energy.

  • Notice I can work behind my body, too.
  • I'm literally...
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Let that Emotion Rumble Through!


I am experiencing so much energy moving right now!

In this time of The Shift, I am feeling energy as:  

  • it's moving through the collective consciousness
  • it's expressing through my interactions with other people
  • the way that it's rumbling through me
1. It's my job to feel my internal energy:
  • to feel my emotions
  • and to process my emotions
2. It's also my job to process energy that comes in from an external source.
  • Let's say I got together with a friend and and I picked up some anxious energy from her. 
  • Or maybe I watched something on the news and it blew my mind.
  • There can be external triggers and we can process the energy from those.
3. Then there's the Collective Consciousness!
  • All of the energy that's moving in the collective right now because The Shift is really powerful.
  • A lot of it is dense, darker, energies that have come up to be cleared.
  • These energies can be oppression, sadness, frustration, and all of these can be processed.


The good news...

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Your Body's an Energy Processing Plant!

processing energy Sep 09, 2020

Your body is an energy processing plant!

Your body knows how to process the energy in the world around you:

  • from the inside of your body
  • to the interactions you have with other people
  • from the way that you experience the world
  • to how you feel the collective consciousness

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; but, it can be converted from one state to another.

Your body is just that processing plant that can convert energy. It can:  

  • process it
  • transform it
  • transmute it
  • alchemize it
  • it can change energy from one state to another

Why do we care?  Because humanity is in the middle of this Shift.  

We are having a Shift in Consciousness.  

Humanity is up-leveling itself in Levels of Consciousness.

Consciousness is energy:

  • your thoughts
  • feelings
  • behaviors
  • actions
  • belief systems
  • emotions

All of that is energy, and that is the energy YOU express as a consciousness.

Everybody else on the planet expresses their energy,...

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A Gentle Way to Counteract Fear and Stress

stress Sep 02, 2020

Here's another energy exercise to counteract stress and fear.

This is one that you can do in the office or you could do in public.

The one from last week was a little obvious for the office!  Click here to see Brain Booster.

Take your right hand and put it over your spleen and pancreas. That means right underneath the left breast and over to the side of your body.

Put your other hand on your right arm, right above the elbow, covering the center channel of your arm.  

We are working with the Spleen and the Triple Warmer meridians.

In Chinese medicine they are a Yin and Yang pair that work together.  They're across the flow wheel from each other, which means that they can support one another and give and take energy from each other.

The Triple Warmer is in charge of your fight or flight response. He's the general that is in charge of keeping you safe.

The Spleen is in charge of metabolizing everything: metabolizing your food; your emotions; your energy; your...

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Brain Booster


This is an energy technique to calm fear, and reduce stress. 

It brings blood flow to the front of the brain so you can think in stressful or fearful times. 

It's a Brain Booster! 

Put your right hand on your forehead.

Put your left hand on your solar plexus between your belly button and your sternum.

You have two energy points on your forehead called Neurovascular points. They help bring blood to the front of your brain hence: neuro and vascular.

There are two main Neurovascular points and by putting your hand on your forehead, the energy that you're sending those Neurovasculars literally encourages the blood flow to the frontal lobe.

This is where we have executive function - this is where we think!

My left hand is on the adrenals. They sit right on top of the kidneys and secrete cortisol.

Cortisol is the main hormone that secretes when we get into fight or flight mode. Then all of a sudden we have enough energy to go to our feet, our lower extremities so we...

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