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Intentional Releases


Our Infused Intention for January of 2022 is release

Let that stuff go! All of it; from your heart, from your head, from your body, from your energy field.

It's time to release.

There's certain things we cannot control anymore, and it's there in the past. And it's also time to let it go.

I have three infused intentions from our Consultants that I want to share with you. Here's the first one:

I choose to release my fears, and to operate from love, by transmuting negative thoughts and sending them to the light.

What a beautiful combination of the intention of releasing and energy as well! I love that--transmuting them and sending them to the light.

Here's another one:

I release with gratitude all the bits of life that came to help me and that now have finished their work. 

That is so beautiful--being grateful for what has come in, and then knowing when it's time to let it go, and then being done.

Here's our last one:

I willingly and gratefully release all resistance to what is.

Those are three examples of how you can use the energy of intention around release to really amp up your month.

Remember, energy follows intention. So when you set an intention, the energy goes there. And I don't just mean your energy; I mean the energy of the universe.

Intention has its own power, force and energy. So when we put that intention behind a thought, the energy that you are requiring has the energy of the universe gathering behind it. And when we set that intention, get ready, because it's going to come in such a beautiful, magnificent way that we could have never imagined in our human mind!

Let the Universal Mind (the Intelligence of the Energy) work through us. Set that intention that you want to have about "release" and say it out loud. Bring it forth, declare it and let the Intelligence of the Universe bring that to you.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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