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Quantum Energy Infusion Terms


The Agreements

The Student agrees to follow the Company’s recommendations regarding practices to support the Student’s learning, which includes:

i) daily practice of the Program technologies and exercises raised during the teachings; 

ii) daily journaling;

iii) watching all instructional videos offered by the Company and the Quantum Energy Infusion instructor: 

iv) preparation and submission of the Company’s pre-session form before meeting with the Quantum Energy Infusion instructor for each energy session; 

v) rescheduling a session with 24 hours’ notice, or the session will be considered as having been timely delivered

vi) paying the Company’s fees in accordance with the attached schedule 

vii) complete the Program with in the time set forth in attached schedule


The Company agrees to provide the following

  1. Video teaching and instruction for each module
  2. PDF instruction for each module
  3. Energy Sessions based on the attached schedule and according to the Student’s True for You testing, which may or may not be, in alignment with the topic of the session.
  4. A recording of each session, if agreed to by the Student in the attached release
  5. Delivery of the program within the time frame set forth in the attached schedule
  6. The Company makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied with respect to the services negotiated, agreed upon and rendered.

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