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Loving What Is


We're having a tough time at my house.

My husband has fourth stage cancer.

He's now in a whole second series of chemotherapy. And chemotherapy has some pretty yucky side effects. One of them has been migraine headaches for him, another one has been some loss of cognitive function.

Another one has been the loss of control over his bowels, and also his urinary tract.

So we have pretty much a faucet going on at our house at any given time. And it's completely unpredictable. And I don't need to tell you that this is not an ideal situation.

We laugh about it, thank goodness, we laugh about it, because there's not a thing we can do about it; there's not a thing that medical model can do to help him with this.

Other than all the things that you're going to write to me and tell me about. We've already done all those. Thank you.

So here we are, when it's 2am, and all of a sudden, there's a brown pool in the bed.

What do you do?

There would have been a time in my life when I probably would...

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Amanda Lorence


There was a New Moon on September 7th, and on September 9th, there was the 9/9 Portal, with all of these new energies are coming in.

I was practically in a stupor on the 7th--I was so aware of the energies that came in. They were strong and penetrating to me.

I felt like I had a sinus condition all day; there was all of this pressure in my head.

I wasn't thinking about the higher frequencies coming in. I knew they would come in on the 9/9 portal, but I wasn't thinking about them yet on Tuesday.

And of course, these frequencies are coming in all the time, and it's escalating all the time.

I had a full day of work Tuesday to get done. And especially after the three day weekend (Labor Day Weekend). My brain was really not functioning at its highest level. And it didn't bother me, because I used my Energy Tools.

So I would move around, and I would be doing my beloved Quantum Chop, and I would see what I could do next. And sometimes it only took 15 or 20 seconds, and...

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Mom and Dad's 70th Anniversary


My parents just celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary.

That's right, 7-0. They met when they were 17 and 18, and got married at 19 and 20 in 1951.

I feel so blessed to have parents that are still alive at 89 and 90. And I find it amazing that they have celebrated 70 years of wedded bliss, because they truly love each other.

The Energy between my parents is one of love, devotion, and joy. They've been through a lot though. 

They lost their son (my brother) in a car accident when he was young. They've been through some very difficult things with career choices, and things that would destroy marriages, or at least destroy you as a person.

They have weathered the storm because of their love and devotion for one another; to see them celebrate at this beautiful dinner party outside overlooking a lake.

We had live music, and in fact, the Musicians were QEI graduates, and they brought their magic and their Energy into the party.

It was beautiful to watch this celebration of 70...

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Infusing Your Finances


The Infused Intention for the month of September is Finances.

Finances--a term for matters regarding the management, creation, and study of money and investments.

Remember, an Infused Intention at Quantum Energy Infusion means:

  • We write down what it is we want (create an intention)
  • Infuse it with our Energy and our Desire.
  • We also use ways to further infuse your intentions through our programs.

What matters is that you declare what it is you want, that you infuse it with your Energy, and then you can share it in the Quantum Energy Infusion Community, because we post our infusion our intentions, and then we infuse them for each other.

We literally create a morphogenic field around our Infused Intention for every month, and for September, it's finances.

Can you imagine being able to declare your intention around your finances and know that there would be at least 100 other people supporting you with that?

What does it mean to write one of these comments?


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The Power of Resonance


The Power of Resonance.

Resonance is actually a frequency or a vibration. And there's a really cool thing about resonance that happens.

I'm a Music Teacher, and I've worked with tuning forks. Let's say you hit an "A" and the tuning fork was vibrating out the frequency of the pitch "A".

Let's say there's another one, that's also an "A" tuning fork. If you brought that tuning fork into the region of this other tuning fork that's already vibrating, it would cause the 2nd tuning fork to vibrate.

That is the Power of Resonance.

The Power of Frequency and Vibration, especially as it moves through the Quantum Field in the atmosphere.

So the frequency, the power of resonance, has to do with us and what our frequency is, along with the idea of "how do I resonate out into the world?".

Well, the higher your frequency, the difference you're going to feel to other people.

Let's think back to Dr. David Hawkins, Map of Consciousness, and how you can vibrate at 20, which is the frequency of...

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Back to School


School is starting all around the United States, and my Grandson started Kindergarten this week.

Because he's going to School, I wanted to provide him with a nice, strong Auric Field, so that he would be protected in this pandemic world in which we live.

I wanted him to have a strong auric field so that he could represent who he is. So that when people came into contact with him, they would get a sense of who James is by his field.

When our Auric Field is strong, everything else about us is strong--the Energy Systems from our body pull in energy from our Auric Field.

I wanted him to have that sense of strength and confidence.

So I started working in James's Auric Field.

 I started off by stating my name.Then I said "from me to my Higher Self." to make sure I was connected. This is sacred space - to be working in someone else's energy fields. Then,  "I'm requesting permission to communicate with James's Higher Self".

And I got a "Yes".

I was asking for permission to...

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Quantum Enneagram


There's Energy in the Enneagram.

I realized this a couple of years ago and I wanted to find a way to discover the Energy.

So I sought out an Enneagram Master that could work with me and help me draw out the Energies.

Well as the Universe would support me, they brought Lynnea Brumbaugh into my life about two years ago.

She is an Enneagram Master.

In the last two years Lynnea has taken every program that Quantum Energy Infusion offers, and I have taken every program that Lynnea offers in her Quantum Empowerment Academy.

As a result of this, we communicate very clearly about Energy, and about the Enneagram, and we have been able to discover the Energy in the Enneagram.

Both of us being Teachers and Professors, we have created the Quantum Enneagram.

In this last year, Lynnea and I did a beta test of the Quantum Enneagram in my QEI Level 3 Program and her Quantum Empowerment Academy.

This program has been tested and it's been proven.

Last week, Lynnea came to...

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Infused Intentions


Everything is Energy.

That includes what's outside of us, what's inside of us, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our beliefs, and our intentions.

At QEI, we believe in the Power of Intention.

In fact, we use Energy Technologies to infuse our intentions to bring their power more into our lives, into the collective, and into the third dimension.

In fact, the Consultants that just graduated from our Certification Program this year started this very concept. We call it "Infused Intentions".

It was an experiment. We picked a word, or rather, a concept for the month, when it started in May.

And our theme for that month was Mental Health. So we all wrote our own intentions (or affirmations) that we wanted to bring into our lives that spoke into the Energy around Mental Health.

Then we shared them with each other, we energized them, and we made sure we were all in alignment with our affirmations by using an Energy Technology that we teach.

We use this...

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Bring in the Energy


We're going to bring some Energy to Mother Earth!

And you are going to benefit in the meantime, because all of that Energy is going to come coursing through your energy systems as you give Mother Earth the treat of this 5D energy.

So the way we're going to do this is we're going to use our breath and we're going to use our intention.

I love to think about myself as a tree (I've done many videos using the breath and the tree as an example).

For our purposes, we're literally going to think about a shaft of light coming all the way from source energy.

Or you can think about the Sun and it's light coming right in on the top of your head. It's going to come in all the way through your system.

We have a giant energy channel that runs right down the middle of our body. I like to call it the LifeForce Highway. 

It's going to come all the way down and shoot right out through the bottom of your feet. You can imagine yourself as a column of light, or you could imagine yourself as a...

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Give it to Mother Earth


Mother Earth loves us so much.

She speaks our language.

The kinesthetic intelligence of our body communicates with the Quantum Field. It also communicates with the intelligence of Mother Earth, Gaia.

And I like to speak about the heart of Gaia. That's the aspect of her that is giving and loves us so much.

The reason I'm talking about this today is because the kinesthetic intelligence of your body communicates with the Earth in a way that there is an exchange--yes, there's actually an energy exchange between you and the Earth.

This exchange can be compared to a figure eight, or as you may have seen me do before, an Infinity Weave. That figure eight goes up into your body, down into the earth, up into your body again, and down into the earth again.

So you can constantly think about sending energy to Mother Earth or receiving energy from Mother Earth.

You can also give Mother Earth what you don't need anymore--anxiety, stress, frustration, sadness, or anything else that...

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