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Flush it out!

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2022
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Your Brain on Energy

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2022

We are going to talk about energy; alpha and theta frequency brainwaves; and, how higher dimensional energies are affecting the state of my brainwaves.

A week ago, Sunday, I had an initiation into what I now know are ninth dimensional energies. My Guides were there; they facilitated it; and, they were with me the whole time. I did not know at the time they were in the Ninth Dimension, I just knew they were completely different than anything I'd ever experienced before.

It happened when I was done balancing my chakras. At the end when I was in a meditative state, and very open, this frequency came in. Not only did it come in, it settled into my body. Fortunately, my guides worked with me as all this energy was coming into me so that I could embody this really high-frequency energy. Last night, our Mastermind with the Quantum Energy Infusion Consultants met and we had our group energy session. We worked with these new energies: the Diamond Light energies; the Ninth...

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You could be a portal!

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

I watched the lunar eclipse this morning,

I got to see the whole full Eclipse at about five o'clock and it was such a treat because I'm here in South Florida where we've got a hurricane watch! When I went out to look at the moon last night, it was all covered with clouds. And I was like, Oh, that's too bad.

I woke up at 3:30 am to go out to check (just in case) and it was still covered up with clouds. I was awake, then, praying and meditating in the middle of the night. And I thought about 4:30 I'm gonna go check one more time. And you know, the clouds opened up, and I got to see the full Eclipse! As the moon was there shining brightly between this break in the clouds, it was such a gift for me and everybody else in South Florida, that didn't think they were going to get to see it due to the storms.

So the energy of this eclipse - there is Diamond Light coming in. It is magnificent! It's the Divine Feminine Energy, it is really high frequency and it is pure and beautiful.


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I can regain mental clarity?!

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2022

I've been sending you emails about a webinar, a little short 15-minute webinar.

We've created a Quantum Energy Infusion webinar for our ideal clients. It's for those of you that are evolving, high functioning, intuitive, professional women, and you're experiencing brain fog, overwhelm, and sheer exhaustion. The problem is that the beautiful things that worked in the past, maybe that yoga class, or taking a Reiki session, or doing some breath work simply isn't working like it used to.

This 15-minute webinar tells you the three steps in Quantum Energy Infusion that will help you regain your mental clarity, provide you with greater emotional ease, and more vitality. And our participants tell us that in addition to that, they also sleep better, have less pain, and more energy. What's not to like about that those are great results?!

We know this because we do assessments at Quantum Energy Infusion and this is the information that we have gathered from the hundreds of programs that we...

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Mastery with Light

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2022

Last week, I called you a Light Station.

If you're a Light Station, what do you do with all of this light that's coming in? You can give it to Mother Earth, it's our job.

I used to work with the lower vibrating frequencies within the collective consciousness for years (I woke up in 1994.) So I've been on this journey for a long time. And I've known that we were raising the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence.

The way that I used to work with the energies was to literally transmute those dark, heavy frequency, low vibrating energies. They were the emotions that would run in currents through the collective consciousness, I and my team and the people that I worked with, we would transmute those lower vibrating frequencies, and sometimes we would literally incinerate them.

What we're being called to do now, though, what my guides are telling me and we're doing at QEI is we are being Light Stations. This is where we receive the light, we capture it, and we bring it...

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You're a Light Station!


You are a Lightstation.

If you're watching this, you might have called yourself a light worker in the past or an energy practitioner or an energy worker, or simply someone that's intuitive, or maybe you're an empath, you've called yourself all those things,

I'm going to tell you that you are a Light Station. Our job now, anyone that's considered themselves a Lightworker or any of those other things I talked about, is now raising in frequency enough that we get to receive the energies coming into the earth.

We have new high frequency energies coming in and we have light codes coming in. There is so much happening in the energetic world that is being sent here to raise and shift the consciousness of humanity. A lot of people are calling this different things. In Quantum Energy Infusion, we are calling it raising the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence. It's also our mission.  

So you're a Light Station because you are open to the energy, because you've been...

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Be Open to Change



Change gets a bad rap in our world. We humans like things to stay the same. Our brain likes the security and the comfort of knowing what to expect. We want to know there's no tigers around the corner.

The fact is, we're living in a rapidly evolving, changing, quantum world. The best way for us to do that comfortably is to realize we're going to be uncomfortable; we're going to be constantly encountering new experiences that were not available before.

For example, I decided to change my walk. I'm now walking at five or six in the afternoon, instead of in the morning. It works so much better.

For me, I couldn't imagine not walking first thing in the morning. Now, I'm using that time to have conversations with my guides and to channel them and record them, which is a beautiful time for me to do that.

The bonus is, I had no idea how much fun it was to walk at five or six in the afternoon. First of all, it's not so stinking hot. Second of all, the sun isn't so bright....

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Receive the Yin Energy!

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2022
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Release the Word "Healing"


I've been in healing work for a long time; 30 years I have been some kind of energy practitioner!

Typically, our goal was healing. In our current world, moving from 3D to this 5D world, this New Earth that is in place and waiting for all of us to step into so beautifully, I have chosen to take the word "healing" out of my energy vocabulary.

Because we are in a constant state of evolution! Healing, like I thought about it 20 years ago, or even five years ago, was the end goal. That's no longer my end goal in the way in which I am living.

Now, the way I'm living in each quantum now--it is perfect, just as it is. So the way that I have taken healing out is I don't make healing the goal. I make evolving myself, I make stepping into the next best moment, I decide what's the next best choice I can make, to expand who I am now, to serve the collective, to serve my clients, and to better instruct my students in quantum energy technologies.

I'm so excited about this,...

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Monster Nana


I'm gonna go spend three and a half weeks with my grandchildren. I'm so excited about this! I want to make sure that I am really fun, healthy, vegan Nana, and I don't become Monster Nana.

The way that I do that is I eat well, I exercise no matter what, and I move energy. I do my energy exercises every day; I have an energy practice, just like I have an exercise practice. I also have a meditation practice; I do all of those things.

I get to take care of me. I get to be fun and healthy Nana.

Now, when Monster Nana decides to come up, I have ways to deal with her. If something happens unexpectedly, and all of a sudden, I'm like, "Woo!", all lit up, and I'm not exactly sure what's wrong, I may go right to that quantum chop. You know, you can't beat this for a way to get out frustration, anger, fury or irritation. This is just a great way to chop that right out of your experience.

My grandchildren have seen energy technologies since they were born,...

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