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Your Body's an Energy Processing Plant!

processing energy Sep 09, 2020

Your body is an energy processing plant!

Your body knows how to process the energy in the world around you:

  • from the inside of your body
  • to the interactions you have with other people
  • from the way that you experience the world
  • to how you feel the collective consciousness

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; but, it can be converted from one state to another.

Your body is just that processing plant that can convert energy. It can:  

  • process it
  • transform it
  • transmute it
  • alchemize it
  • it can change energy from one state to another

Why do we care?  Because humanity is in the middle of this Shift.  

We are having a Shift in Consciousness.  

Humanity is up-leveling itself in Levels of Consciousness.

Consciousness is energy:

  • your thoughts
  • feelings
  • behaviors
  • actions
  • belief systems
  • emotions

All of that is energy, and that is the energy YOU express as a consciousness.

Everybody else on the planet expresses their energy,...

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A Gentle Way to Counteract Fear and Stress

stress Sep 02, 2020

Here's another energy exercise to counteract stress and fear.

This is one that you can do in the office or you could do in public.

The one from last week was a little obvious for the office!  Click here to see Brain Booster.

Take your right hand and put it over your spleen and pancreas. That means right underneath the left breast and over to the side of your body.

Put your other hand on your right arm, right above the elbow, covering the center channel of your arm.  

We are working with the Spleen and the Triple Warmer meridians.

In Chinese medicine they are a Yin and Yang pair that work together.  They're across the flow wheel from each other, which means that they can support one another and give and take energy from each other.

The Triple Warmer is in charge of your fight or flight response. He's the general that is in charge of keeping you safe.

The Spleen is in charge of metabolizing everything: metabolizing your food; your emotions; your energy; your...

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Brain Booster


This is an energy technique to calm fear, and reduce stress. 

It brings blood flow to the front of the brain so you can think in stressful or fearful times. 

It's a Brain Booster! 

Put your right hand on your forehead.

Put your left hand on your solar plexus between your belly button and your sternum.

You have two energy points on your forehead called Neurovascular points. They help bring blood to the front of your brain hence: neuro and vascular.

There are two main Neurovascular points and by putting your hand on your forehead, the energy that you're sending those Neurovasculars literally encourages the blood flow to the frontal lobe.

This is where we have executive function - this is where we think!

My left hand is on the adrenals. They sit right on top of the kidneys and secrete cortisol.

Cortisol is the main hormone that secretes when we get into fight or flight mode. Then all of a sudden we have enough energy to go to our feet, our lower extremities so we...

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Can I Raise My Consciousness?


Last week’s vlog generated so much interest, I am going to answer a question about Humanity’s Shift in Consciousness. Click here to watch it.

One person wanted to know if she could raise her consciousness.

Yes, you can!

We actually measure the level of consciousness of the participants in our programs. 

Here are Quantum Energy Infusion’s results for the month of July, 2020. 

We have 24 participants in 3 Cohorts.

After 4 Modules of the Program,

One Level 1 group with 9 participants increased an average of 14% with the lowest being 7% and the highest at 20%

Another Level 1 group with 6 participants increased an average of 13% ranging from 6% to 38%

Our Level 2 Group with 9 participants increased an average of 16% ranging from 8% to 28%!

This increase occurred all in one month while developing their Energy Practice in Quantum Energy Infusion.

Here's another example: 

I was asked to be a part of a training last weekend.

It had 3 parts. 


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Do You Want More Calm?

process emotions Jul 30, 2020

Emotions are energy-in-motion so let’s use energy techniques to process our emotions. 

There is a Central Vessel of Energy that runs up the front of your body. Use this as a Release Valve to let go of toxic emotions.

Here’s a 4 step process to Go from Fear to Calm

  1. Acknowledge what you are feeling. 
  2. Recognize that it is an emotion. 
  3. Process that emotion out with the Central Vessel Release
  4. Center yourself in the calm, in your true self

You are now centered and fully functional in this present moment

Much of what you are feeling may be coming from the collective consciousness. 

We don't need to live in a agitated state, a fearful state, or an anxious state. 

We can process those emotions out. 

We can go from an agitated moment to a calm one;

from an anxious state to a quiet one;

from fear to peace.


Here are the 4 Steps to Process Emotions 

  1. Acknowledge what you are feeling.
    1. Where is it in your body?
    2. Can you name the...
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Strengthen Your Energy for the New Normal

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

Functioning in the New Normal requires managing our energies. We can ground, center, and strengthen our energy!

This video is about strengthening your energy. 

You are already grounded, from the two videos ago. Grounding Vlog

In the last vlog, you brought in your energies and you centered them. Centering Vlog

Now we're going to strengthen them. 

I know you've seen me do this. I'm making a figure eight. I'm making an Infinity Weave in my Auric Field. 

It's pulling my centered, grounded energy from this highway, from this LifeForce highway, that runs up and down throughout my body. 

It's bringing that LifeForce Energy out into my Auric Field. This not only strengthens my field, it puts my expression better out into the world.

It also protects my body, my physical body. 

I know I'm energy. I know that I'm a chakra system, and a meridian system, and I'm all of this LifeForce Energy, and I'm also compressed energy we call matter. 

My body is compressed...

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Centering and Reclaiming Your Energy

centering new normal Jul 15, 2020


Functioning in the new normal requires centering our energies.

We literally have a central channel of energy that runs all the way up and down our body right in front of our spine.

It's like a highway going both ways - energies come up and energies go down.

This central channel of energy, not only can go up and down it also can go in and out. That actually happens through our chakras, the wheels of energy that spin it in and outwards.

We want to center our energies often right now in this new normal. It means gathering our energies in because we're scattered. Right?!? 

We just  keep splatting!

The news hits and I feel like my energy splats out. Then I see something on social media and I feel like my energies have been fractured again.

So we get to gather in and center, our energies in this central channel that runs all the way up and down.

It's our life force energy.

This central channel has an opening at the top. I think of my Eternal Self entering through...

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Functioning in the New Normal: Grounding

grounding new normal Jul 08, 2020
Functioning in the new normal requires grounding.  You've got to be grounded and fully in your body to be able to effectively manage your energies. 

The quickest way to ground is always to take a breath! See that Vlog here: Fill'erUp!

This time we're going to visualize your body as a tree to fully ground with the Mother Earth energy and the Father Sun energies.

Imagine from your hips down you are a tree trunk.  Put your ankles together, your feet together, your knees together creating a tree trunk from your hips down. 

Get your feet in contact with the floor or the ground outside.  Spread out your toes. Feel the ball mounds of your feet. Rock back on your heels to get your weight dispersed. Tuck your pelvis. 

Visualize a tap root growing down from your spine. From your tailbone, those energies go right down through the trunk of your body down into the earth.

Imagine it going into the soil, through the water table, going down into bedrock, and going...

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Let's Create the New World Together!


Make a figure eight right out into the field in front of you. Join in with your other arm.

This is your auric field or your biofield. This field of energy extends outward; it emanates outward from your inner being into the quantum field around you.

We express in the world physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically, and the stronger your auric field, the more impact you can have on the world around you.

Notice how I naturally went to my heart center. I am literally pulling out the energies into my auric field the frequencies of love, the frequency of oneness, of connectedness, of equality, of compassion.

These high vibrating frequencies are going out into my auric field, which also extends out into the collective consciousness.

Now can you imagine how a higher frequency would help the collective consciousness right now?

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where everything is energy.

My mission is to raise the collective consciousness to peaceful...

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new normal Jun 15, 2020

Durning this time of massive transformation, globally, nationally, and personally, here's one thing you can do to help create the new normal. 

Fill up your lungs.

Fill up your belly. Push your belly out

Fill up your body. Your trunk, your chest, your neck, your head, your arms, your legs. 

Release it. 

You are now fully centered and grounded in your body.

Your Beingness is now fully centered right here in your 3rd dimension body. You can even think of it as the 5th dimension You being present HERE and NOW in your 3rd dimension body. 

We are living in a time of massive transformation in our world. It’s happening at the global level with the pandemic; at the national level here in the United States with the unrest around racial inequality; and  it’s happening at the local level with your cities and states reopening after the virus. 

And I know it’s happening at the personal level. 

Because for this kind of energy to be happening...

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