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Infusing your Relationships


Infused Intentions!

Remember, this is when we have an affirmation, or a feeling in our heart, or a pure desire that we want infused with energy to bring it alive into our lives.

The Infused Intention for February is around Relationships. Here are three examples:

I invite new high vibrational relationships and transformational interactions into my life.

Whoa, can you feel the energy of that? And can you imagine speaking that everyday into your reality; how that will draw the energy of that towards you?

My relationships are a reflection of my communication with others, and an opportunity for personal growth.

It's so beautiful the way relationships are mirrors for us. I always look to a relationship and know that that beloved person, or that not so beloved person, is letting me know how it is that I am really being. They are great opportunities for personal growth.

And the third one,

I choose to accept my friends and loved ones just like they are.

How's that for an idea? Acceptance! How about we accept our friends and our loved ones for exactly who they are?

You know, we live in a time that's challenging. Globally, we are experiencing new energies, experiences, contrasts and frustrations.

How about frustrations?

I find it very frustrating sometimes to live in our world. And people deal with their frustrations in their own ways. It's my job to not judge that person for how they're choosing to deal with whatever frustration the pandemic world just threw in their face.

My job is to not judge.

So an easier way to say that is to accept. I find myself constantly working to accept others just as they are. And I invite you to consider that because you'd be amazed what it'll do for your relationship.

Acceptance in your relationship with anyone. And how about the relationship with yourself?

I like to think about my relationship with my higher self as well. So there's lots of ways you can think about relationships this month, all the way from the 3D ones in this experience, to the 5D relationship with your higher self.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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