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Infused Intentions


Everything is Energy.

That includes what's outside of us, what's inside of us, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our beliefs, and our intentions.

At QEI, we believe in the Power of Intention.

In fact, we use Energy Technologies to infuse our intentions to bring their power more into our lives, into the collective, and into the third dimension.

In fact, the Consultants that just graduated from our Certification Program this year started this very concept. We call it "Infused Intentions".

It was an experiment. We picked a word, or rather, a concept for the month, when it started in May.

And our theme for that month was Mental Health. So we all wrote our own intentions (or affirmations) that we wanted to bring into our lives that spoke into the Energy around Mental Health.

Then we shared them with each other, we energized them, and we made sure we were all in alignment with our affirmations by using an Energy Technology that we teach.

We use this Technology, True-For-You Testing, to see if we are in alignment with our affirmation.

If you are in alignment, that's beautiful. If you're not, you can use other Energy Technologies to clear the blockages that you have in order to be aligned to that affirmation.

This is big stuff, y'all.

There are so many layers of what we bring in with Energy Technologies-- Technologies that can assist you in creating clarity, commitment, and vision. You can bring whatever you want into your experience.

So this idea of Infused Intentions--May was all about Mental Health, June was about Truth, and Freedom was the theme for July.

What we noticed as this was happening was nothing short of remarkable. This cohort came together to energetically align with their own intentions, as well as the intentions of their teammates. We had (and continue to have) this up leveled experience that was nothing short of shocking and miraculous in many ways.

And it was us holding the energetic space for ourselves, and holding the space in this morphogenic field that we created together as a group.

When there's that many high vibrating people holding the space for Truth in one unified morphogenic field, that Energy is exuding out to the Collective.

This is so much in alignment with my Mission of Raising the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful Co-existence.

In fact, we're going to introduce "Infused Intentions" to our to our QEI Community (on Facebook), which is a group of people that have graduated from our program.

Can you imagine all of those people infusing their intentions and their affirmations with everybody else's?

Can you imagine the impact that we are going to have on the Collective?

This is big work.

This is all about The Shift and how we can contribute to that beautiful place of peaceful co-existence that I know is true, and is coming in our time.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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