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Energy Etiquette in our Group Energy Sessions


Energy Etiquette is part of Energy Hygiene.

We use these terms almost interchangeably here at Quantum Energy Infusion.

As you've heard me speak to before, we have Energy Sessions in which an entire group of people (8-12) will be enrolled in our program at a time. We call these groups Quantum Cohorts.

So say I'm facilitating a program and I say "Okay, Rafe is going to go on the Energy Seat". We will then ask Rafe if we may have his permission to work with his Auric Field. Once Rafe give us a "yes", then we will know we have his permission to work with his Energy Field.

This is Energy Etiquette--we're asking permission to go into his field, which is truly a sacred space. It's important that we honor that.

All of us, everyone in the Quantum Cohort, come together with the intention to learn about energy, to experience energy, and to support others with energy.

And because of that intention, we have created a Morphogenic Field that is unique to our group. It's sacred, it's powerful, and it's Quantum. We honor every person and their unique energy within that field.

Coming back to Energy Etiquette--when you are complete working on someone else's field, and it's time to give them their energy back, it's important to disconnect. We do that by:

  • All 12 of us will perform a Karate Chop and bring our own energies back to ourselves
  • We'll repeat this process again by chopping the other hand
  • And then finally, we all Karate Chop with both hands, and send the energy back to whoever is on the receiving end

Being on the Energy Seat is a powerful place to be, and this morphogenic field that we create in the Quantum Fields are very powerful. They are healing. They are sacred.

This is how we express Energy Etiquette within our Group Energy Sessions at Quantum Energy Infusion. We are very intentional about keeping energies clean, vital, and powerful.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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