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Energy Hygiene


Energy Hygiene 

It's YOUR energy so let's keep it clean.  Keep your energy for yourself -  you don't want somebody pulling it out of you.

There are actually energy connectors between us and other people--to some of you, it might look like a USB cable. To others, it might look like a golden string, or it might even look like a cord.

The natural connectors we have are the ones with our family members. I have a beautiful golden connection with my husband at our heart centers. I also have them with my children who live 1000s of miles away from me; they also come out of my heart center. When I know I'm connected to somebody else, and I want to be connected, I cherish that connection. And for certain people, like my children, I leave that connection open.

Now let's say you're at work and you feel like one of your co-workers is draining you. Did you know that it's possible for you to have an energy connection with that person and be completely unaware?

So how do you disconnect from them? We literally use a chop with our hands! 

  • Imagine that the cord is at your heart center. 
    • Simply hold one hand out and chop through that connection with the other hand.
    • Then, bring that energy back into your heart center.
  • Then perform these movements again using alternate hands.
  • Then out of respect for the other person, chop using both hands and then send their energy back to them (because we want them to have all of their own energies too).

Doing this process allows you to bring your own energies back to you, and give someone else their own energies back (it's so much cleaner this way!).

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Remember that you are an Energetic Field that goes out into the Quantum Field, and you have Energy Systems within your body. You get to manage all of those through Energy Hygiene.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where Everything is Energy!

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