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Spring Infinity Weave

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

The Infinity Weave!

I love this movement so much! The Infinity Weave strengthens our forcefields--the field of energy that comes out from our bodies.

We're doing this a lot in our Group Energy Sessions in QEI. With the new light codes that have come in from the Spring Equinox, we want to integrate those energies from the Quantum Field into our Auric Field. 

We're constantly working to raise our level of consciousness, and we do the Infinity Weave to help raise our frequencies. We test the frequencies of our participants every single week, and we're finding that they expand and they contract often. We've also found that those frequencies continue to expand even higher than when those same participants first came into our program. It's because of all of these energy technologies that we're using, which are causing the lower vibrating frequencies to dissolve to incinerate out of their fields.

When those lower vibrating energies are incinerated, we refill our fields with the LifeForce Energy that contains these higher frequencies, therefore allowing the frequencies of their bodies to rise.

It's amazing, and it's consistent, and it's happened to over 100 people in our program. We keep teaching them the work and their frequencies keep rising.

Energy loves to move in a pattern of the Infinity Sign. We want to integrate those beautiful energies from the Quantum Field into our Auric Fields. I mean, who doesn't want a really strong healthy, vibrant, intelligent forcefield coming out from our bodies?

Anything that comes to our body goes through our forcefield first. This is why it's so important to build up your Auric Field.

I love to be outside and think about pulling up energies from Mother Earth. I simply grab them with my hands and pull them into my field, and I also reach up to the heavens. I think about pulling heavenly energies (or sun energies) into my body and allow them to fill my field.

We also have a Chakra System that feeds our Auric Field, so I can feel those Chakras activating as well when I'm working in my Auric Field. I find myself bringing that higher vibrating energy into my Chakra System, and I've found that it has morphed into this beautiful playground of energies that extends out from me.

Your beautiful vibration emits out into the collective, and that supports the collective in shifting into higher levels of consciousness.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where Everything is Energy.

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