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Energize your Supplements!


I have an Energy Tip for you! Do you take Vitamins or Supplements or any medications? If so, I'm going to recommend that you energize them before you take them!  

It's actually very simple! You are an Energetic Being! You are an Electromagnetic Being! You have an entire electromagnetic system in YOUR HANDS! 

You can use that very powerful system to energize anything--Including your supplements! For example, every morning I take a handful of supplements. To start, I take my morning portion and spread them in my palm. Next, I take my other hand and place it in the air right above. I hold the intention to send positive, healing energy to these vitamins, supplements, and prescriptions. 

If you'll notice, all of a sudden, my hands started moving! My top hand is moving in a clockwise circle. 

When energy moving in a clockwise direction means energy is being drawn in.  We are energizing something

I want to be clear... I am not moving my hand; the ...

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