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Energize your Supplements!


I have an Energy Tip for you! Do you take Vitamins or Supplements or any medications? If so, I'm going to recommend that you energize them before you take them!  

It's actually very simple! You are an Energetic Being! You are an Electromagnetic Being! You have an entire electromagnetic system in YOUR HANDS! 

You can use that very powerful system to energize anything--Including your supplements! For example, every morning I take a handful of supplements. To start, I take my morning portion and spread them in my palm. Next, I take my other hand and place it in the air right above. I hold the intention to send positive, healing energy to these vitamins, supplements, and prescriptions. 

If you'll notice, all of a sudden, my hands started moving! My top hand is moving in a clockwise circle. 

When energy moving in a clockwise direction means energy is being drawn in.  We are energizing something

I want to be clear... I am not moving my hand; the energy is moving my hand. 

It is coming trough me! Through the Energetic Highways in my body, and is being absorbed by the medicine. 

This energy is filled with all my intentions and high frequencies. Remember, this energy is intelligent! It knows when and where to go and when to stop. 

Just like it did right now! 

I like to switch and do the other hand to see what happens. 

There's actually a pulse coming through! Maybe you can't see it too well but boy, I feel it! The energy that's coming through the top hand is pulsing down on the bottom hand and all these vitamins, minerals and supplements now have all of this high vibrating healing energy! Did you see my hand go down? That means it's complete. You can rewind, or I'll show you on the other side.

Let's see if there's anything left? 

Nope! My hand simply went straight down. This signifies the energy transfer/transmission is complete.

Trust me when I say your frequency is absolutely higher than the frequencies of those man-made vitamins, supplements, and prescriptions. 

So use the energy that YOU ARE!  

YOU are an Energetic Being! Everything is energy. The Lifeforce energy that barrels through your body... It is a SUPERPOWER! 

YOU can SUPERCHARGE anything that you ingest: Your food, your water, ANYTHING you are eating, drinking, or even wearing! 

There's no magic to this. It is simple science! You are an Energetic Being and you have lifeforce energy pulsating throughout your body. Learn to harness this gift!  

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--Where everything is energy!


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