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We're in the Energy of Light!


We are in the Energy of the Star of Bethlehem.

Jupiter and Saturn have aligned this week and we get to be in the energy of that alignment.

We're also having a Solar Flare for the Winter Solstice (on December 21st, 2021). All of this [energy] is high frequency.

Let's think about humanity making a shift into higher Levels of Consciousness; these are higher frequencies coming to the planet that you get to embody.

The Higher Levels of Consciousness are:

  • Reason
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Gratitude

Let's embody those Levels of Consciousness. Let's embody the frequency of Love. Let's embody the frequency of Compassion.

We have these high frequencies coming in; invite them into your body. Allow those frequencies to come into you--into your system. Integrate them into your body. Drive those energies into Mother Earth further--integrating those high frequencies from Mother Earth into your experience.

When you bring those higher frequencies in, you can have signs that your frequency is accelerating, as we've talked about before (there's a vlog about this).

When that happens, ground yourself.

Who doesn't want to be grounded in the energy of Love and Gratitude?

Bring those in, embody them, and bring them to the planet. That is how you are helping show the shift in the consciousness of humanity. And I am so grateful to you for doing this work.

If you are watching this, then you are a Lightworker. Even if you don't really know what that means yet--you are making a difference because your frequency contributes to the frequency of the Collective.

My mission is to raise the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence. Every time we raise our personal frequency, it feeds into the frequency of the collective.

So as we continue to do our work, as we continue to embody these higher frequencies that are made available to us, as we continue to share them with the people we love and share them with those around us and those that we work with, and as we share ourselves with the collective consciousness--the frequency of the collective only can rise.

Here's to Raising the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful CoExistence.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where everything is energy.

Are you feeling different with all of the light coming in? Feeling signs of frequency acceleration? Set up a call to discover the #1 thing you can do to balance your energy. 


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