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Frequency Accelerators!

frequency accelerators Nov 18, 2020

Man, is there a lot of energy moving in our world right now!

As humanity is up leveling, as we are in this shift for higher levels of consciousness, Energy is moving

  • in us,
  • through us,
  • around us,
  • and for us. 

in our group energy sessions here at Quantum Energy Infusion we have people coming in, week after week after week, and their levels of consciousness are continually rising.

What we're finding is there are signs that a level of consciousness is rising.  

We call them frequency accelerators because they are signs that a frequency is accelerating,

When they do our Quantum Quickies and when they do our energy technologies, it accelerates their frequency!

One of QEI's goals is to raise the level of consciousness; to raise the vibration; to raise their frequency!

We're doing this so successfully here that there's all kinds of signs of frequency acceleration.

I'm not the only person that speaks to this. I've heard Laurie Ladd talk about it and she calls them Ascension symptoms. I've heard other people talk about it with the Great Awakening.

This is something that is well known among lightworkers and people that are in the world of energy.

So if you're not,  I wanted you to know!

Signs of your frequency accelerating often occur in the head area. If you think about it, if there's energy coming in through the head.

  • You might feel lightheaded.
  • You might feel a buzz
  • you might have brain fog
  • you might have a headache,
  • you might have pressure or a pressure headache.

There's more things that could be happening in the head area,

  • people are complaining about allergy kinds of symptoms
  • even if they've never had allergies before 
  • their nose is running
  • their eyes are watering
  • their throats are cloggy.


People are noticing they have  joint pain, and muscle pain. 

I, for one, have heart palpitations. I can feel when there's a big energy that's come in. My heart literally beats in a new way, as it's processing the energy.

I also want to talk about exhaustion. And I mean, not just being tired, being exhausted!

Our people are coming in and they'll say they slept 10 hours last night.

Some people say they've taken a nap every day this week and they never take naps!

If you're feeling that exhaustion, know that it is a sign that your frequency is accelerating.

Your body has these higher vibrating frequencies in it, and it's processing out the lower vibrating ones so you need to rest it.

Listen to your body.

Let it do its work.

Let it integrate these new higher frequencies.

Close your eyes and, if you can, go ahead and go to sleep.

Even if it's just  10 minutes because that'll shut your brain down.

We don't need your brain involved in this - we need your energy body working right.

It's between you and your higher self. The brain and the ego don't have a whole lot to say about this - not that's useful anyway.

So remember as your frequency is accelerating, you may have these different signs.

If they're concerning to you - please call your medical professional. 

Then also do some energy work to help it all balance out.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy.

If you are curious about how your frequency can accelerate, book a call with us. You will discover the #1 thing to raise your frequency. 


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