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Peaceful CoExistence Begins with Me

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Peaceful CoExistence begins with me.

Five years ago, I channeled 30 meditations for peace.

I put them up on 30 Days for Peace. com:

And I launched them on International Peace Day. 

Gary Lynn Floyd put the music to these meditations; these One Minute Meditations for Peace.

My goal was to write 30 meditations for peace, have Gary put music behind them, and let people have a peaceful moment. 

Five years later, we sent these out on International Peace Day again 

As I listened to each one of these, it sounds like they were written for 2020. 

It's so amazing to me how Intelligence works! 

How I was guided to channel those messages in from one of the Ascended Masters. These came from Jesus.

There's no religion around them. 

It's all about peace. 

And it's beautiful, especially for us to have these messages in 2020; the time of this massive shift that humanity is going through. 

What I want you to know is you can make a difference. 

You having a minute of peace in your life, exudes that frequency - that high vibration of peace.

That frequency goes out into the collective consciousness, and you have made a difference. 

And that was my goal when I wrote these! 

I talked about the collective intent when we have the intention to affect the collective consciousness we do. 

Even if we don't have the intention to affect the collective consciousness, we still do, because we live in a unified field! 

How we express matters.

How we vibrate matters.

How our energy comes out of us feeds into the unified field. 

So make it peaceful.

Make it loving. 

Make it joyful. 

You matter!  

Your expression in this world can have the impact for good. 

Express goodness. 

Express peace. 

And let's Raise the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful CoExistence. 

If you are curious about how to exude peace, especially when things are chaotic around you, schedule a  free call with me. You can discover the #1 thing to  do to feel the energy of peace. 


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