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Dream States


This whole dreaming thing.

Our higher selves do work while we are asleep. They do.

Now, you may remember the dreams, and you may not. And even if you don't remember them with your human brain, know that it doesn't matter, because you still did the work. You still processed energies that were in your body, or it may be that you processed those energies for the collective consciousness.

And trust me, if you are here, as a person that wants to make a difference in our world today, someone that wants to support humanity in the shift, you are a vessel for this work.

Because as we improve our own situations, and as we increase our own frequency as we do the work, we contribute to the collective. Your soul (or your higher self) is here doing the work in your meat sack, as you showed up in this incarnation. This is one common way for the human being to process information and process energy while we're asleep. Why? Because your subconscious is available.


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Lucid Dreams

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2021

Are you having wild dreams?
For the last several months I have been having lucid dreams.  I'm in that half asleep/half awake state where I realize that

  • I am experiencing something from a dream state
  • my brain is engaged
  • my higher self is engaged
  • and, I allow the dream to continue

Now some of these dreams are pleasant and some of them are terrifying.

The reason I'm talking about this? In case it's happening to you!

What do we do with all of this?

What I'm doing is processing energy for me and for the collective. I am processing and releasing:

  • trauma from my life.
  • trauma for the collective,
  • trauma from my past life experiences.

If you're having these wild dreams and you don't know what to do with them - I invite you to embrace them. Stay in them until you are so terrified you choose to step out of it. Some of mine have been terrifying with past lives as sex workers, warriors and, especially, as a child sex worker.

These dreams come to me so I can process the lower...

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Spring Infinity Weave

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

The Infinity Weave!

I love this movement so much! The Infinity Weave strengthens our forcefields--the field of energy that comes out from our bodies.

We're doing this a lot in our Group Energy Sessions in QEI. With the new light codes that have come in from the Spring Equinox, we want to integrate those energies from the Quantum Field into our Auric Field. 

We're constantly working to raise our level of consciousness, and we do the Infinity Weave to help raise our frequencies. We test the frequencies of our participants every single week, and we're finding that they expand and they contract often. We've also found that those frequencies continue to expand even higher than when those same participants first came into our program. It's because of all of these energy technologies that we're using, which are causing the lower vibrating frequencies to dissolve to incinerate out of their fields.

When those...

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Group Energy Quantum Style


During one of our Level 1 Quantum Energy Infusion group energy sessions on March 20, one of the participants said "I just had some kind of Energy Infusion occur".  

At that moment we were working with the chakra system, and there were probably 12 people in the group. She asked me if I could explain what just happened to her. I said YES!  It was the same thing that happened to me a few days earlier. I actually did a video about this.

It was the energy of the Spring Equinox

This participant in our program experienced a Light Infusion that had to do with the Spring Equinox energies. The higher frequencies she felt had come in and we were working with her system.

She literally felt the energies flowing in through her chakras, which is different than how I experienced them just a few days earlier when I was out on my balcony. She asked me to speak into it and to share it with the group.

I love how energy informs us. I love how the Intelligence of the...

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Spring Equinox Energy Infusion


These fabulous energies of the Spring Equinox!

We are bathing in them; we're living in them; and, swimming in them.

The other day I was out on my balcony doing some energy exercises. It was my  intention to bring the Yin Energy of the earth into my body and the Yin Energy of the ocean; along with the Yang Energies of the Heavens and the Sun. I really wanted to bring all of that energy into my body.

As I was doing that, all of a sudden, I had a light infusion and an energy infusion that literally struck me dumb! That's pretty hard to do - to strike me dumb! I literally was frozen in space and I could feel the energies coming in. I knew what it was, so I wasn't afraid.

These had to be new energies because I haven't felt them before. It was a couple days before the spring equinox (I wasn't even thinking that, though), I just knew something new was happening. I was so excited to be there and to be receiving it!

It came through me in a way that permeated my energy systems. It...

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Grab the Energy!


Do you have a lot going on in your life?

I sure do!

I am running an exponentially growing company that is continuously expanding in a myriad of directions. I am teaching. I am taking care of my elderly parents. I am a mother, a wife, and so much more!

At an age when most people decide to go into retirement, I started a second career.

I have so much going on, that sometimes I literally don't know what steps to take next. In those cases I pour myself into the present moment by taking a great big handful of the Quantum Field. I open up my chest, I reach upwards, I pull that Energy right into my heart and lung area.

Think about it. The Quantum Field is the fabric of the Universe. It is the Energy in which we live, move, and have our Being. It knows all. 

So when I don't know what to do first because I have 40+ things going on, I ask the Energy

I grab a handful of the Q-Field, and pull the quantum energy right into my aura, into my Being. From there it...

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Quantum Now


Quantum Now - This Quantum Moment encompasses All Time.

That blew my mind the first time that came to me; the first time I truly experienced it.

All time is compressed into a Quantum Moment, this moment.

Right now you are having all of Time, all of your Experiences (this as well as other lifetimes) compressed into THIS moment.

All possibilities!

This moment, this Quantum Moment has all of the infinite possibilities in it. And you are capable of grabbing them. You can just reach into the Quantum Field and grab.

As I live in the Quantum Moment, I find that it is very important that I let go of old beliefs, old thoughts, old actions, any things that have served me really well for decades up to this my point in this life.

They served me in a beautiful way in my 3rd Dimension life, and now I'm choosing to be a higher dimensional being. I'm choosing to embody 5th Dimension frequencies in my 3D Dimension body.

The more I do that, the more I become aware of this Quantum Now, this...

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Clear Toxins from Pills and Medications


Whenever we take medications in our house, we energize them!

If you saw the last weeks vlog on Vitamins and Supplements, you saw how I energized the ones that I take daily.

We can even take that a step further.

Pro Energy Tip: If you use prescription drugs, you might want to release any energetic, toxic-signatures that are in them!

These are not organic fruits or veggies you're putting in your mouth. These are manmade substances; made by machines, which come in contact with all kinds of things before they get to you.

I'm going to show you what I do when we get this big bottle of pills for my husband, Jim. Jim has a diagnosis of stage four cancer. This is one of the prescriptions which comes once a month. I'm going to show you what I do when they arrive and I get them out of the big FedEx box.

The first thing we do is get it out of the box and and open the bottle. I want you to see what that it has not been opened until now. Next I'm going to do is start...

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Energize your Supplements!


I have an Energy Tip for you! Do you take Vitamins or Supplements or any medications? If so, I'm going to recommend that you energize them before you take them!  

It's actually very simple! You are an Energetic Being! You are an Electromagnetic Being! You have an entire electromagnetic system in YOUR HANDS! 

You can use that very powerful system to energize anything--Including your supplements! For example, every morning I take a handful of supplements. To start, I take my morning portion and spread them in my palm. Next, I take my other hand and place it in the air right above. I hold the intention to send positive, healing energy to these vitamins, supplements, and prescriptions. 

If you'll notice, all of a sudden, my hands started moving! My top hand is moving in a clockwise circle. 

When energy moving in a clockwise direction means energy is being drawn in.  We are energizing something

I want to be clear... I am not moving my hand; the ...

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Bathing in the Divine Feminine Energy


How would you like it if you got an Energy Infusion? It's really simple. All you need to do is allow the energy to enter your field! Initiations into 5D | Stand in the Energy

And when I say your field, I mean your forcefield. There are probably at least 6 vlogs/blogs about that… Your auric field, your biofield, etc. (however you want to think about that). 

So I've been getting these delicious energy infusions. They started on the 1st of February with the 2/2 portal that opened up--And there's yet more light coming in! I identify it as feminine. 

It's a very strong feminine consciousness to me that's coming in as light. I love to get in a quiet space. You can even be outside if you prefer (you don't have to). I talked about this in other videos too: How to receive the light, the intelligence, the beautiful energy that comes in the consciousness that comes from the light. 

Right now, I really enjoy doing it in a meditative state, fully stretched out in Shavasana...

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