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Thumped My Face Off!


I thumped my face off.

That's what one of our participants said to me yesterday. "I thumped my face off in the shower. Connie, I am so grateful for QEI (for Quantum Energy Infusion) and all of these energy techniques I have learned."

We found out her significant other lost his job. They were down to one income, and that was a complete shock! They moved to another city (another state) for this job. A few months later, it was gone.

I thumped my face off.

So instead of exploding, being unkind to the person that just lost the job, or completely freaking out, she was able to move that shocked, traumatic, unbelievable, and impossible information with Quantum Energy Infusion Technologies.

She was telling me about the confidence she had. Because of all the tools that she has learned in Quantum Energy Infusion, when this shocking information comes up, or if there's a sense of fear, or lack, or sudden "not knowing what to do", she can move that energy.

You've seen me do these--you can use the...

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Upcoming Programs


Things are heating up at QEI!

We've got a Level One program and a Level Three program going on right now. At the end of September, we've got another Level One program starting and a Level Two.

So listen up!

If you were a Level One participant and haven't taken Level Two yet, you can start September 27th. It's going to be done before Thanksgiving.

Now, it's already half full, so give us a call, book a call, call the phone number on the website, or send us an email at [email protected]. You can check the website for the dates. The Level Two is on Tuesday nights from September 27th, and it'll be done before Thanksgiving.

The Level One is going to be on Thursday nights beginning on September 29th. So all of you people that have been watching these vlogs for two years and thinking "You know, I'm really curious what they do in there because it sure sounds like they have fun and it sounds like they move a lot of energy. And they sure get results based on all of...

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Leave it Behind


Well, all of us have now experienced the Lion's Gate, that beautiful portal that opened up for us on August 8th.

From now we're going into this fall harvest time, where all of these juicy, powerful, exciting energies are here to stay.

So as you experienced that portal on 8/8, I actually imagined myself stepping through it into a new timeline. When I say timeline, I literally mean reality. I am talking about what is now possible in my current reality (in my current existence), that was not possible on August 7th before I walked through that portal.

We are in this Galactic New Year, and it's going to last for a year. For those of us that like to jump timelines, I don't know how long I'm going to be in this timeline. Maybe for the whole year, maybe for a month, maybe I will be jumped up to a new one before I know it.

The point is to be in the present moment. Your point of power is always in the quantum now. So when things come up from your past, and I when I say past, I mean...

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The Energy of Abundance


I'm out on my morning walk, being reminded in such a powerful, kinesthetic way that everything is energy.

I'm up to my knees in the ocean water, my feet are sunk into the sand, and the sun is shining brightly. Look at the crystalline energy of the sun on the ocean. Look how the intelligence and the power and the energy of the sun is charging the ocean, the earth, and charging us with its infinite intelligence. And that the portal that it is that brings the energy in to us, as human beings, and to the Mother Earth.

It's really mind blowing, because there's no way for me to comprehend the infinite amount of light that's available to us.

Let's think in terms of abundance--the energy of abundance. There's an infinite amount of sunrays that are coming in to feed the earth with its intelligence. There's an infinite number of drops in the ocean. That water then gives a home to the infinite number of sea beings.

I'm looking at the seaweed and all that's come in from the ocean; the infinite...

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Get Together in the Energy!


Get together with your people and work on energy

We have a Mastermind that meets in Quantum Energy Infusion. Actually, we have several of them. The one that I'm referring to now is with our Quantum Energy Infusion Certified Consultants. We meet once a month, and there's nine of us that show up.

I've spoken about this group before.

We met this last week with the energies of the Lion's Gate coming in, and I'm going to tell you, when we all come together, the energies are magnified. We are more together than the sum of our parts; I really want you to understand this.

Get together with one person that you know that you can share your energy with, and by that I mean any energy techniques, tools, or technologies that you already know.

I don't care if you're a Reiki person, if you understand the meridians, if you tap, whatever it is you do, get together with your people. Now is the time! Well, it's been the time with everything that's happening; with raising...

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Energy Jolt


Last week I told you I had two unusual energy experiences. I'm going to tell you about the second one today.

It was during the energy of that full moon. I was out cold sound asleep, and I was laying on my side. Out of the blue, I had an electrical jolt of energy come up the bottom of my left foot right up to my knee. It woke me up out of a dead sleep!

As I was trying to figure out what had just happened, another one came in. This was a double jolt! It came up to my knee and then ricocheted up to my hip. As I was laying there, trying to figure out what that heck had just happened, it came again. It was the same combination!

It shot up to my knee, and then a double shot from my knee up to my hip. I couldn't believe it because it was shaking the whole bed. It was shaking me.

It was not painful. I thought about it a different way... it might have been painful, except it happened so fast and unexpectedly. My brain did not have a chance to register pain. I was only fascinated.


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Fractal Energies in my Body!


I've had two very significant energy experiences that I want to share with you.

Recently, these high frequency energies that are coming in are affecting our bodies. We're also having solar flares from the sun; there's so many things that are happening, not to mention the Lions Gate coming up in the Summer Solstice we've just been through.

With all of these portals being open, the new energies coming in, the new light codes, and the solar flares and the really high frequency light from that, I want you to know that you can be experiencing this in your body.

I had an experience just recently, where it was in the middle of the night, and I woke up. It was actually during the Capricorn Full Moon on July 13th. My body was vibrating. There were fractals--geometric shapes in my body that were fractal. Each one of them was in a different shape.

It was such a surprise to wake up and feel all of this vibration in my body. One of them along the left side was really long and narrow,...

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Vitamin Shock Therapy


There are ways to infuse our bodies energetically using nutraceuticals.

Think about a vitamin; that would be like a pharmaceutical, only a nutraceutical. I am on day three of COVID. Yesterday and the day before, I could not get out of bed.

I had 101 degree temperature! My body aches were so excruciating, I couldn't even lay still. I had to keep rotating my body and hugging myself in fetal position to try to lessen the pain in my joints. And the headache! I couldn't even get the headache to stop.

I did all of my energy technologies, I took Tylenol, and it was like this headache was not going away.

So I learned over 10 years ago at the Environmental Health Center about Vitamin C shock therapy. I also go by the Medical Medium, who has a Vitamin C shock therapy as well.

48 hours after I could hardly function, I'm now making a video on what you can do to have a Quantum Recovery like I am having.

Now, I am still quarantining and I will be quarantined for five days. I'll probably...

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Jim's Passing


I'm checking in from Texas this week. I came to Texas to visit my daughter and grandchildren after Jim passed away.

I want you to know that he peacefully and calmly made his transition in his sleep last week. He is free of that 3D body that carried so much cancer and pain for him.

I love the idea that he how now has a new body, an etheric body, that allows him to travel through the dimensions. I literally can see him now pinging through the dimensions to see how fast this new body suit will take him.

He had an old Harley, a '67 Harley, and he loved to take that bike out on the country roads and open it up to see how fast it would go. I imagine he's doing that right now with his etheric body, moving through the dimensions and deciding what his next great adventure is going to be.

He's very much in contact with me. I'm grateful for that.

His energy feels like a warm hug for me, and it has not changed since he crossed over. So I'm imagining that I will have the joy of his presence,...

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This is about showing up in life and what happens when life happens to us.

I live on a beach and I walk on it almost every morning. During my walks, I find beautiful shells. It used to be that I looked for the ones that were perfect. Isn't this how we all want to show up? Especially when we get up for our day--we're ready to go, we're dressed for work or for whatever it is we're going to be doing, and our hair looks good. Our makeup looks good. We've got a nice car and our outfit works, right?

Isn't that how we all like to show up?

And then, life happens. Before you know it, there's been a little erosion; we've had something happen. We've got a hole over here, or we got a whole big chunk knocked out over here.

The cool thing about that is, if we're willing to let that be an experience, it lets us see what's inside, what's inside of us, and what's underneath that facade that we construct so carefully.

I like to think about what's inside as my eternal essential self. I like...

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