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Timeline Jump to Author


I had a timeline jump on Thursday, that was 15 years in the making. So how can we call it quantum if it took me 15 years to get there? Because I was Quantum in that moment. I was the new version of me. I am the version that I am now. 

On Thursday, I closed my computer on the final writing for my manuscript and as that happened, and within minutes I felt this energy well up inside of me, to the point where I had to pop up off the couch, I had to start pacing around, and I spent the next 90 minutes running energy. It was like my body was on fire. It was a combustion engine. I had no idea what was happening. I just knew I had to run the energy. I had three major projects happening that day. That all required my attention. I mean, the minute somebody texted me or Slacked me, I had to answer because everything was on a deadline. And as I was walking, pacing, I was pacing - I was - I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew that this energy was broiling up within me and I would go and...

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What to do when you hit an obstacle

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2023

What do you do when you're cruising along in life and all of a sudden, you hit an obstacle or maybe even more than one or maybe even you've been hitting obstacles repeatedly for months now. Well, when that happens to me and it is happening to me, I choose to live in the “Quantum Now”. I choose to focus my energy and my intention on what I have control over in this present moment. As you know, I'm trying to sell my home and my office in Florida, and I had offers on both and they both fell through very unexpectedly and at the last moment, and I already had my belongings packed. Now you may be seeing my quantum art here. So I had no control over those sales falling through during the lending due to lending issues. What I did have control over though, was me feeling less than or frustrated or helpless by living in a situation that didn't feel right to me. 

I decided this weekend that I was going to claim my life back and I went down - these beautiful paintings got...

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Peaceful CoExistence NOW


The world needs your energy, right now. Everything is energy, and the energy of love vibrates faster and higher than the energy of hate. When we fill a field with a higher vibrating frequency, lower vibrating frequencies have trouble surviving. Let's flood the collective consciousness with love, with peace, with compassion, with peaceful coexistence. You can do this, you are energy, you can hold the frequency of love in your heart and embody that love. Let that frequency go out, exude out into your auric field and then it emits out into the collective consciousness. Do you see? With enough of us being love stations, light stations, if we are willing to do this, you can hold the frequency of courage. Courage is higher than the frequency of war. We can have courage, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, gratitude, peaceful coexistence. Let's flood the collective consciousness with these higher vibrating energies and let's raise the collective consciousness to peaceful...

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Run that anger


I sure am glad I have energy techniques to run anger and frustration and blame and helplessness. I'm currently selling my home and all of these emotions have come up for me in a big way in the last several weeks. We've run into a lot of obstacles in this home selling process and each time another obstacle is presented, a new emotion comes up for me. Well, frustration has come up pretty repeatedly, but I get an opportunity to run the energy of these emotions that don't serve me and that certainly don't serve my end goal of selling my home. So as these energies come up, which is especially “frustration”, “disappointment”, we've got “disbelief”, I'm able to release those. So when I'm really frustrated that a lender just felt through, I released that frustration. I do not let that stay in my field. Everything's energy and it's very important for me to release those energies that do not serve me.

And the one that keeps coming up is anger because...

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Equinox on the Ocean

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2023

Today is September 23, 2023. It's the Fall Equinox, a day of balance, harmony.

The day of equal day and equal night. Look how balanced and harmonious the ocean and the sky are today. I came out to ground myself in the energy of nature. On this beautiful day that begins Fall, the time of the harvest and I’m thinking about all that is in my life and how grateful I am for that. All that has been and all that shall be. I'm expressing gratitude for that. And as I embody the energy of gratitude at such a high frequency that I draw other high frequencied, energy towards me. 

Think love, think joy, peace, abundance, compassion, calm and if I ever need to be reminded about abundance all I do is come out here and think about the infinite number of drops in the ocean. Or look at the foam, how many bubbles of foam is that. An infinite number of grains of sand, infinite number of rays of light that feed our planet from the Sun. That's really beautiful. And having gratitude, there's...

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Being Quantum Requires Courage


It takes a lot of courage to live a quantum life. When we live in this quantum realm, where things happen sometimes instantly, often times much quicker than we think, we need to be prepared to take action. So we've set an intention, or we have a pure desire of our heart, that's all energetic, intentions are energy as well. We set that out there, we put it out in the quantum field, and bam! Right?! Like attracts like, what we need starts coming in. Now it is very compressed. It's a feeling of compression, for me. It's a feeling of urgency. There's a feeling of sometimes having difficulty breathing, because so much is happening and it's coming at me so fast, it's hard for me to process it in the linear way that I'm used to processing life, if you will. So the reason I think it requires so much courage is because, this compressed nature of the immediacy of it, as well as the unexpected intensity of the energy - it's intense, it's very intense - and I need to be ready to make decisions...

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Living in Multiple Timelines


I'm living in multiple timelines simultaneously. I mentioned this last time, and I said I’d talk about it more when I get some words around it. I finally have some words to describe what it is I've been experiencing, that has defied linear time and space. It's like my life is in these quantum fields, these morphogenic fields that are these different timelines and one of those fields is that I'm living in South Florida, in two beautiful condominiums. One's my office, one's my home and this is what Jim and I built to spend the rest of our lives - it is really beautiful and precious, and it's our slice of paradise. Another morphogenic field is that I'm moving to Dallas, I have made the decision to move closer to my family, since the loss of Jim and my father and my mother. My number one priority is to live close to family. So my daughter and her two children live in Dallas, so I'm headed there. Another field that I'm living in, is a deeply grieving human body and timeline. This...

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2 Timelines and 4 Initiations

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2023

I'm pretty sure I spent yesterday in two different timelines. I'll explain that at another time when I have words for it, right now I have my experiences. I also have one of my people in the consultant track who had the similar experience yesterday said she felt the exact same things I did. So once I've got words around it, I'll bring it forward. 

It was the Lions Gate yesterday, there's a portal or a time of transit where we can move on to our next octave of existence. Some people call it a Galactical New Year, but August 8 is the apex of the Lionsgate energy and that was yesterday, and I have recently experienced four massive energetic initiations. I do not use the word initiation lightly. I mean, energy, intentionally consistently, and powerfully came into me specifically from source to upgrade me for my work. Now that is different than a download or that's different than an M class or an X class flare coming from the sun, right? This is having to do with my path, my...

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Quantum Enneagram Invitation

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2023

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a robust and exquisitely accurate model of human development and potential. It helps you:

  • Be prepared for the specific ways that different personality types are prone to dysfunction under stress.
  • Avoid being blindsided by short-sighted behavior within yourself and your team.
  • Understand your deepest motivations and strengths, and those of each person on your team.

The Enneagram grounds even the most chronic and frustrating problems in both logic and compassion so that everyone can move in an upward spiral of greater and greater success.

The Quantum Enneagram

Takes the proven success of the traditional Enneagram to the next level with Quantum Energy exercises, movement-based applied kinesiology, emotional mastery, and mind-focus practices.  We use Quantum Energy Technologies to:

  • Support movement upwards in the Levels of Development with more ease and energetic awareness.
  • Balance the triads so that your dominant energies are not...
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Level 2 Program Overview

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2023



Hone your skills in releasing lower vibrations from the body through a deeper understanding of your foundational energy practice from Level 1.

  • Discover multiple ways to release emotions (including hidden ones!)
  • Expand on True-for-You Testing to different domains of your life
  • Learn to act as proxy for your children, animals, or friends
  • Stabilize your energy with a new Quantum Quickie!
  • 6 Instructional Videos and 6 PDFs
  • Group Energy Session focusing on releasing emotions



Get serious about letting go of the lower frequencies that are holding you back from living your dream life.

  • Release multiple occurrences of the same emotion
  • Supercharge emotional releases through the Meridians
  • Incinerate emotional resonance
  • 3 Instructional Videos and 4 PDFs
  • Group Energy Session focusing on Quantum Emotion Technologies



Find new ways to repair,...

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