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Being Quantum Requires Courage


It takes a lot of courage to live a quantum life. When we live in this quantum realm, where things happen sometimes instantly, often times much quicker than we think, we need to be prepared to take action. So we've set an intention, or we have a pure desire of our heart, that's all energetic, intentions are energy as well. We set that out there, we put it out in the quantum field, and bam! Right?! Like attracts like, what we need starts coming in. Now it is very compressed. It's a feeling of compression, for me. It's a feeling of urgency. There's a feeling of sometimes having difficulty breathing, because so much is happening and it's coming at me so fast, it's hard for me to process it in the linear way that I'm used to processing life, if you will. So the reason I think it requires so much courage is because, this compressed nature of the immediacy of it, as well as the unexpected intensity of the energy - it's intense, it's very intense - and I need to be ready to make decisions...

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Living in Multiple Timelines


I'm living in multiple timelines simultaneously. I mentioned this last time, and I said I’d talk about it more when I get some words around it. I finally have some words to describe what it is I've been experiencing, that has defied linear time and space. It's like my life is in these quantum fields, these morphogenic fields that are these different timelines and one of those fields is that I'm living in South Florida, in two beautiful condominiums. One's my office, one's my home and this is what Jim and I built to spend the rest of our lives - it is really beautiful and precious, and it's our slice of paradise. Another morphogenic field is that I'm moving to Dallas, I have made the decision to move closer to my family, since the loss of Jim and my father and my mother. My number one priority is to live close to family. So my daughter and her two children live in Dallas, so I'm headed there. Another field that I'm living in, is a deeply grieving human body and timeline. This...

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2 Timelines and 4 Initiations

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2023

I'm pretty sure I spent yesterday in two different timelines. I'll explain that at another time when I have words for it, right now I have my experiences. I also have one of my people in the consultant track who had the similar experience yesterday said she felt the exact same things I did. So once I've got words around it, I'll bring it forward. 

It was the Lions Gate yesterday, there's a portal or a time of transit where we can move on to our next octave of existence. Some people call it a Galactical New Year, but August 8 is the apex of the Lionsgate energy and that was yesterday, and I have recently experienced four massive energetic initiations. I do not use the word initiation lightly. I mean, energy, intentionally consistently, and powerfully came into me specifically from source to upgrade me for my work. Now that is different than a download or that's different than an M class or an X class flare coming from the sun, right? This is having to do with my path, my...

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Quantum Enneagram Invitation

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2023

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a robust and exquisitely accurate model of human development and potential. It helps you:

  • Be prepared for the specific ways that different personality types are prone to dysfunction under stress.
  • Avoid being blindsided by short-sighted behavior within yourself and your team.
  • Understand your deepest motivations and strengths, and those of each person on your team.

The Enneagram grounds even the most chronic and frustrating problems in both logic and compassion so that everyone can move in an upward spiral of greater and greater success.

The Quantum Enneagram

Takes the proven success of the traditional Enneagram to the next level with Quantum Energy exercises, movement-based applied kinesiology, emotional mastery, and mind-focus practices.  We use Quantum Energy Technologies to:

  • Support movement upwards in the Levels of Development with more ease and energetic awareness.
  • Balance the triads so that your dominant energies are not...
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Level 2 Program Overview

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2023



Hone your skills in releasing lower vibrations from the body through a deeper understanding of your foundational energy practice from Level 1.

  • Discover multiple ways to release emotions (including hidden ones!)
  • Expand on True-for-You Testing to different domains of your life
  • Learn to act as proxy for your children, animals, or friends
  • Stabilize your energy with a new Quantum Quickie!
  • 6 Instructional Videos and 6 PDFs
  • Group Energy Session focusing on releasing emotions



Get serious about letting go of the lower frequencies that are holding you back from living your dream life.

  • Release multiple occurrences of the same emotion
  • Supercharge emotional releases through the Meridians
  • Incinerate emotional resonance
  • 3 Instructional Videos and 4 PDFs
  • Group Energy Session focusing on Quantum Emotion Technologies



Find new ways to repair,...

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You have a family energy field!


I discovered our family field of energy yesterday. Now it was there already, it's just that I never thought about it before, I never thought that we could have a morphogenic field of energy for our family, and yesterday that became evident to me. I was out on my walk on the beach, and I was sending my grandson some energy, very specific energy, almost like a prayer. Think of it kind of like a prayer, because there was a specific situation in his life that I was addressing prayerfully and energetically. So I was sending the energy to James and thinking about him, and then I thought, “Well, I'm gonna do that for my granddaughter for little Luna”, and as I was working with Luna, I literally started - even though I was walking on the beach - I literally started working with her energy field, and she's little and I knew she was asleep, so it was just like really cute thinking about her and sending her some energy and praying for her as well. 


Well, all of a sudden...

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Feel bad? Your FQ is accelerating!

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2023

If you feel tired or achy or dizzy or weird, watch this.  There is nothing wrong with you! 



00:55 - Possible Signs of Acceleration 


3:35 - Signs Continued

5:45 - 3 Ways to Move Through the Energy 

5:55 - Work With Your Spleen Meridian 

7:00 - Work With Your Kidney Meridian 

7:32 - Work With Your Liver Meridian


I feel really weird most of the time. I have so many signs of my frequency accelerating while we're living in these high frequencies, the solar flares, and the full moons. We just went through the July 3rd Full Moon, we're coming into the 7/7 portal, and we will step right into the Lions Gate energies; now it doesn't matter if you're listening to this, this week or in December because the energies that are coming in, come here to stay. It's not like it's just gonna be like this for a couple of days and then we go back to whatever normal was. That's gone. That ship has sailed. So all...

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10 Weeks!

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2023

The estate sale is complete. We had hundreds of people come to Mom and Dad's home to view the contents of their home and purchase what they wanted to remember them by. People left with furniture, with Waterford, crystal, plate collections - It was so much fun to see the hundreds of people that came, and they came in this energy of excitement and love and remembrance. So many people spoke to me about my parents and how much they meant to them in their lives. It was really beautiful to have that experience and the energy of the sale was smooth. It was very intense and people were patient, they were kind, they were generous. It was like each person came and found exactly what they wanted to have a remembrance of my mother and father. It was a beautiful, beautiful experience. So all of that energy work we did ahead of time, where we energized and magnetized and quantumized paid off in such a beautiful way since everything is energy, because the energy of the sale was exquisite.


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I woke up yesterday morning, which was June 3, strawberry full moon, to the words magnetize and energize. 3:30/4 o'clock in the morning, the energy of the Moon was so strong and I thought "okay, magnetize, that feels right, I feel this magnetic energy coming in me and through me." So before I did that, I balanced my chakras, brought myself, my chakra system, fully in balance till I landed on my heart center and then at that point, typically and most certainly this morning at 4:30 or so by then, I was in complete alignment. My chakra system was in complete alignment and I was, I like to say - one with the field. At that point I sent out this magnetic energy. I'm still in my parents home and we're having an estate sale within the week, and I was told to magnetize the contents of the home and energize the contents of the home and send it out, put it out in the field. So the people that were looking for something would be able to find it, that they would be attracted to the energy. Yes,...

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How to take a Quantum Leap


Here is how I make quantum leaps. 

It's a combination of energy work, intention, visualizing, and emanating out the true desire of my heart. That's it. Its energy. Quantum leaps happen because they are energetic. They defy the time space linear continuum, and your energy engages with the energy of the quantum field, which then attracts in a like minded energetic being, energy, or energetic being, and they come together to manifest whatever it is you have been visualizing, having an intention about, is the pure desire of your heart, and even praying about, if you'd like to use that term. Its intention and its energy, and it's the pure desire of your heart. 

About 10 years ago, I can remember Jesus telling me in one of our channeling sessions, that one of the most important things that I had to understand was that the pure desire of my heart was a prayer all on its own. I didn't even have to have words to describe it. Source, that pure energy, that pure desire of my heart...

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