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The Pyramid Code


I count on the Intelligence of the Energy to inform me at all times.

I especially count on the Intelligence of the Energy to inform me when I am channeling, when I am downloading a message, when I am facilitating a program for Quantum Energy Infusion, or when I am conducting an energy session on a client.

One of my goals is to live in the constant stream, in the Quantum now, connected to 5D; connected to the Intelligence of the Energy through my higher-self, through my guides, and my eternal essential self.

Having said that, last week when I was filming your 11/11 vlog, I was preparing myself and setting the intention right before we filmed the video. I'd already done my research about it; I already knew what I was going to say, and I was connecting to my higher-self, and into the Intelligence of the Energy.

While I was doing that, my arms went up, and I couldn't move my arms. They were pointing upwards in the shape of a triangle. There was actually a...

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11/11 Portal


It's November and the 11/11 Portal is this week.

It is a time of massive light coming in very high frequencies, new light codes that we're going to be ready for, and awareness of other energies and celestial energies of other dimensions.

It's also a beautiful interaction of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. I did a wonderful blog about the Divine Feminine coming in winter solstice, and she is here. The Divine Feminine consciousness is here to balance out, if you will, the Divine Masculine that has been so predominant for the last 2000 years.

This is powerful energy, especially now that these two energies are in contact and working together. The Divine Feminine did not come in to overpower the Divine Masculine; she came in to bring that beautiful feminine [energy], so that the feminine can stand beautifully and equally with the qualities of the Divine Masculine. This is a powerful time for us to be alive.

So what are you going to do with all these high...

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Family Intentions


Our Infused Intention for November is Family.

We're going to talk about the Energy of Family. We are a Family/Community at Quantum Energy Infusion.

I think of it as being creation, as being expansion, and as tradition. I also like the idea of family as a tribe.

When we think about tribes, and when tribes first came about, they were a function of stability, security, and survival.

So let's think about family also as a way of survival--whether it is your immediate biological family, your family from work, family from your faith tradition, or a family of choice in an area of your life that you have come to know and love.

I'm thinking especially about our QEI Community about how we all share beliefs and understandings about Energy. And because we do know that Everything is Energy, our knowingness together is enhanced, expanded, and we grow more for being together as this community.

As Community, and as Family, we support one another. We have roles when we are in a family....

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I've been creating a lot of Energy work recently around Shadow Material, and Debbie Ford is one of the great minds in our time around Shadow Material. She has a book called "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers". It's a wonderful manual on how to look at the parts of us that may be hidden from us in the shadow.

I wanted to read this seminal work so that I could be aware of everything that she's put out in the collective consciousness that I am now a beneficiary of, because it is in the collective, and she's taught so many people.

I also wanted to make myself do all of the work and all of the exercises in this book.  

Quantum Energy Infusion, Level Three, actually spends a lot of time doing Energy work and teaching the energetic aspects of working with the shadow.

In one of the chapters, she suggests that we have some personalities that all of us have called sub-personalities.

That can be a part of us that got shoved down when we were a kid, or even when we were...

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The Energy of QEI


Everything is Energy.

Quantum Energy Infusion is Energy.

You know, the words themself began as thought that came into me - as conscious thought.

It began as the Intelligence of the Energy downloading into me what Quantum Energy Infusion is; what it has become. These original ideas that I had accompanied with the energy of the idea has turned into this giant company.

Quantum Energy Infusion now has four levels of instruction in it that last a year and a half. What started out as an idea that was an eight-week program has now turned into a year and a half course of study for four programs.

That is energy at its finest. That is energy generating the next energy. That is energy unfolding moment by moment and creating what comes next. That is Quantum.

The Intelligence of the Energy is in the Energy--you don't have to do anything. It's there, 24/7. The Intelligence of the Energy is constantly informing us.

So the more that you live, move, breathe, and feel your energy, the more...

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Abundance. Prosperity. Profitability.

I have been working with the Energy of those three levels of consciousness all month all through September.

You may remember our Infused Intention for September was Finances. We had all of those beautiful affirmations put together by our community; we were holding the space for each other.

I embodied those consciousnesses all month, and with my affirmation, I was able that those radiate outward from me and attract our ideal client for Quantum Energy Infusion.

Well, what happened was, we enrolled more people in September of 2021 than we have in the history of the company. We hit the highest monthly income for that month. We went into six figures for the first time as a startup company.

You don't have to have a company to make this happen. You can embody the energy of abundance, you can embody the being-ness of prosperity, you can embody the consciousness of profitability.

Embody those. Breathe them in--they are energy. Breathe those in, let...

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Infused Guidance


It's October, and our Infused Intention for this month is Guidance.

We can receive guidance, and we can be the guide.

Receiving Guidance. I spend a lot of my time receiving guidance from the Intelligence of the Energy. That's how I like to speak about it, because I am an Energy Practitioner and I do bring in these ideas.

The Intelligence of the Energy informs me when it's time for something new to be brought to Earth and be birthed on the planet.

Oftentimes it comes through me.

I like to use those words, because I am a woman, I understand gestation, I have been pregnant, and I have birthed children. So I very much associate what I do with the Intelligence of the Energy and bringing in these ideas around birthing.

So how do I get that Guidance from the Intelligence of the Energy?

I become very quiet and I listen. I might just go out in nature to walk quietly, so that I can listen. I might simply ground myself without walking and literally feel the Yin Energy of the Earth...

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I have been releasing a lot of energies lately.

There are high frequencies that are coming in due to the planetary alignments and the fact that we are in the middle of this shift for humanity.

This is affecting Mother Earth, it's affecting us, and it's affecting the densities of our physicality.

When photons come in with new light codes in these high frequencies, I think for some people they just hit and bounce off of the density of their body.

For those of us that choose to receive them though, they're coming in similarly to how light can come into your body. And when that happens, these higher vibrating frequencies start to mix things up.

The lower vibrating frequencies cannot survive with higher vibrating frequencies.

Remember, Emotions are Energy in MotionSo when I say "lower vibrating", I mean, emotions that don't feel so great like:

  • Shame
  • Grief
  • Abuse
  • Injustice

I'm talking about all these low vibrating consciousnesses that do not do well with higher...

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Loving What Is


We're having a tough time at my house.

My husband has fourth stage cancer.

He's now in a whole second series of chemotherapy. And chemotherapy has some pretty yucky side effects. One of them has been migraine headaches for him, another one has been some loss of cognitive function.

Another one has been the loss of control over his bowels, and also his urinary tract.

So we have pretty much a faucet going on at our house at any given time. And it's completely unpredictable. And I don't need to tell you that this is not an ideal situation.

We laugh about it, thank goodness, we laugh about it, because there's not a thing we can do about it; there's not a thing that medical model can do to help him with this.

Other than all the things that you're going to write to me and tell me about. We've already done all those. Thank you.

So here we are, when it's 2am, and all of a sudden, there's a brown pool in the bed.

What do you do?

There would have been a time in my life when I probably would...

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Amanda Lorence


There was a New Moon on September 7th, and on September 9th, there was the 9/9 Portal, with all of these new energies are coming in.

I was practically in a stupor on the 7th--I was so aware of the energies that came in. They were strong and penetrating to me.

I felt like I had a sinus condition all day; there was all of this pressure in my head.

I wasn't thinking about the higher frequencies coming in. I knew they would come in on the 9/9 portal, but I wasn't thinking about them yet on Tuesday.

And of course, these frequencies are coming in all the time, and it's escalating all the time.

I had a full day of work Tuesday to get done. And especially after the three day weekend (Labor Day Weekend). My brain was really not functioning at its highest level. And it didn't bother me, because I used my Energy Tools.

So I would move around, and I would be doing my beloved Quantum Chop, and I would see what I could do next. And sometimes it only took 15 or 20 seconds, and...

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