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Timeline Jump to Author


I had a timeline jump on Thursday, that was 15 years in the making. So how can we call it quantum if it took me 15 years to get there? Because I was Quantum in that moment. I was the new version of me. I am the version that I am now. 

On Thursday, I closed my computer on the final writing for my manuscript and as that happened, and within minutes I felt this energy well up inside of me, to the point where I had to pop up off the couch, I had to start pacing around, and I spent the next 90 minutes running energy. It was like my body was on fire. It was a combustion engine. I had no idea what was happening. I just knew I had to run the energy. I had three major projects happening that day. That all required my attention. I mean, the minute somebody texted me or Slacked me, I had to answer because everything was on a deadline. And as I was walking, pacing, I was pacing - I was - I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew that this energy was broiling up within me and I would go and my phone would go off and I go, I keep walking and I'd answer a text message and then my computer would ping and I go over and I'd sit down and I'd answer the email that had to be answered right then. And I finally started testing about an hour into this - I would you know, when energy comes, I'm in it. I am in it. I am not trying to figure it out. I'm simply running the energy, living in it, and I'm having all of my senses, and my spidey senses, and my energetic awareness as well, awake and fully aware and fully present for what's happening. 

So about an hour in I got really curious, and I started asking and I thought, “Wow, I feel so different. This is energy. This is energy incinerating”, and I got a yes, it was energy incinerating, and I thought “okay, well, that means I'm burning up some old stuff. I've just jumped a timeline”. Yes, I have. So I did the True for You Testing. I have just jumped a timeline. “I am now in the timeline of being an author”, Yes, that was it. I had the desire to write a book for 15 years and it started clear back in 2009. Actually 2008 and 2009, to do that, and over the course of the last 15 years, I closed my computer on the last words of that manuscript. Now this book will be coming out on November 17. So let's not miss the chance to plug it. The point of this is, all of those old energies in me were alchemizing, my body was like a combustion engine that was working and working and working, and those old beliefs, those old worries, those old memories, those old traumas, anything that had to do with that - that was no longer me in this new timeline was being incinerated. And when I finally figured that out, and after enough True For You Testing and asking enough questions, man, I was in it! I was moving around doing whatever needed to happen. I was outside running the energies. When something would come up, I was tapping. I was using the central vessel release. I was doing some shadow work. I was doing it all. Right, like all of my tools came out of my toolkit that day.

When I was complete with that 90 minute process, I was able to reflect on who I am now and what that meant, and that I jumped the timeline into being an author, and that's who I am, now. Remember, we're quantum and when we're here and especially if we have done the work and everything that - all the human footsteps - I love how Mike Dooley says that, all the human footsteps, you know, towards that beautiful dream that we have. That when it happens, it happens for me so completely, that the other things fall away and I have a feeling a lot of my experiences, it's not that I can't remember them as much as there is no energetic charge anymore, especially with traumatic events, that I can still have the memory if I choose to, with no trauma associated with it, with no energetic surge, with no fear, with no shock or terror, or even sadness or grief, whatever the traumatic moment was when that energy landed in my body. So that is gone and you get to have a memory, if you choose, and if you choose to release the memory you could do that too, you don't have to carry that, because this is who you are now - that's who you were in that timeline. And with dedicated work and with committing yourself into holding a vision, you now are in this timeline, and you get to celebrate that and rejoice.

It also is really important for us to release old behaviors that were associated with the older timeline, because those don't serve us so much either anymore. And I've had a couple of older behaviors come up and wag their tail just to see if I want to pet him and I'm like, “no, no, not anymore”. I am in this timeline, now. I have jumped to the timeline of author. I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy!

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