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Run that anger


I sure am glad I have energy techniques to run anger and frustration and blame and helplessness. I'm currently selling my home and all of these emotions have come up for me in a big way in the last several weeks. We've run into a lot of obstacles in this home selling process and each time another obstacle is presented, a new emotion comes up for me. Well, frustration has come up pretty repeatedly, but I get an opportunity to run the energy of these emotions that don't serve me and that certainly don't serve my end goal of selling my home. So as these energies come up, which is especially “frustration”, “disappointment”, we've got “disbelief”, I'm able to release those. So when I'm really frustrated that a lender just felt through, I released that frustration. I do not let that stay in my field. Everything's energy and it's very important for me to release those energies that do not serve me.

And the one that keeps coming up is anger because I’m really angry when something like this happens and I want to tap it out. Instead of wanting to shout at somebody or blame somebody, I literally run the energy myself so that it no longer has to be in my physical field and my mental field or in my emotional field. And when those are clear, my body feels better, my emotions are much smoother, and my mind is clear. So that all of a sudden because I chose to take responsibility for those emotions and I chose to run them in a healthy way out of my body and my systems. I now have mental calm and mental clarity. I can make the next decision, whatever that obstacle was, I can make a clear decision from a place of calm. That's priceless. 

And because we know that everything's energy, when like attracts like, when we understand that aspect of energy - I want my energy to be calm and collected. I want the energy of my home to exude peace and calm and beauty and gratitude, so that I can also keep the energies in my home clear and I can bring in those beautiful source energies that have those higher frequencies of love, gratitude and joy. So that I have had a wonderful opportunity with all of these obstacles that keep presenting to be reminded of how grateful I am that I know how to move these energies. That it helps me live and function in a more clear manner. And that anytime, I am capable of becoming centered and grounded and calm, because I have so many techniques that I know how to use. I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy

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