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Had enough? Here are 3 Energy Tips


Are you done?

Are you done with the holidays?

It's been a lot, hasn't it? Plus all these frequencies coming in.

Or maybe you love the holidays, and you want everything to continue and you wish it could go on for a month!

Wherever you are on that spectrum from one end to the other, I got a few energy pro-tips to help you through.

Do a Central Vessel Release.

  1. Tap on the lower belly.
  2. Pull up that activated energy toward your lower lip.
  3. Fling that energy off your lower lip and send it outward. Make sure to breathe.
  4. When tapping on your lower abdomen, use the affirmation "I release what no longer serves me" as you continue to pull up and out.

Do The Karate Chop 

  1. Imagine one of your hands being a wooden board.
  2. Take your other hand and "strike the board" (along the lateral part of your hand) continuously. 
  3. As an alternative, you can squeeze or push on the side of your hand to release energy. Be sure to do this on both sides, and remember to move your body while...
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We're in the Energy of Light!


We are in the Energy of the Star of Bethlehem.

Jupiter and Saturn have aligned this week and we get to be in the energy of that alignment.

We're also having a Solar Flare for the Winter Solstice (on December 21st, 2021). All of this [energy] is high frequency.

Let's think about humanity making a shift into higher Levels of Consciousness; these are higher frequencies coming to the planet that you get to embody.

The Higher Levels of Consciousness are:

  • Reason
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Gratitude

Let's embody those Levels of Consciousness. Let's embody the frequency of Love. Let's embody the frequency of Compassion.

We have these high frequencies coming in; invite them into your body. Allow those frequencies to come into you--into your system. Integrate them into your body. Drive those energies into Mother Earth further--integrating those high frequencies from Mother Earth into your experience.

When you bring those higher frequencies in, you can have signs that...

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Go for the Light!

intelligence light Dec 14, 2020

This video is how you go for the light!

Last week we talked about all the high frequency energy coming in from the solar flares and two eclipses.

Plus the Christmas star is coming with Jupiter and Saturn moving so close together. We're gonna have that beautiful bright star!

On the winter solstice, it is my understanding that there will be a solar flare near that day that also will bring in higher frequency light. And new light codes - if you like to think in that way. If you don't know what that means, forget about it. If you do - go for it!

This video is how you go for it.

How do you go for all of these new light codes and frequencies and all of this beautiful new information?

  • Light is information.
  • Light is intelligence.
  • Light is creation.
  • We would have no life if it weren't for the light of the sun.
  • And the portal that the sun is bringing in all of this energy to the earth.

Here's what I do to get a light charge.

My husband and I live in a little condo on the beach and we go out...

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There's alotta Light right now!

grounding light Dec 07, 2020

We are living in an energetic time right now. For the next several weeks, there's a lot of energy coming into the planet.

  • On November 29 we had a solar flare.
  • On November 30 we had a lunar eclipse.
  • There will be a solar eclipse on December 14
  • On the winter solstice, December 21, two things will be happening 
    • the apex of the solar flare,  
    • our first Christmas star since 1226. It's  been hundreds of years, since Jupiter and Saturn have come so close that they'll appear to be the Christmas Star.

That is a lot of energy y'all!

This solar flare that we had on November 29 knocked me on my butt. I didn't know it happened.

All I knew was that I was exhausted. My body was so lethargic I could hardly get anything done. I was visiting my grandchildren who are three and five, who are a little balls of energy, and I wanted to be so energetic for them. However, I felt like I'd been hit by a Mack truck.

It wasn't until two days later that I found out about the...

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Stress Release with Sound

release stress Dec 02, 2020

Last week, we used a technique that brought in the LifeForce Energy.

It aligned us, aligned our energy centers, and gathered us back in.

If you have not seen last week's video, watch it here

This week we're going to add another step to allow for a release of energy at the same time you're gathering yourself back in. 

We are going to use three different sounds for different parts of your body.  

if it's heart energy, you may feel

  • sadness
  • emotional heaviness 
  • heartache
  • disconnected
  • helpless

If you are feeling energy in your body, it may feel like

  • lethargy
  • exhaustion
  • fear (fight, flight, or freeze)
  • anxiousness
  • extra movement
  • restless legs

if you are feeling extra energy in your head, it could feel like

  • anxiety
  • brain fog
  • indecision
  • overwhelm
  • overthinking
  • can't remember

We're going to use three different types of sound here depending upon whether you feel it in your heart, in your body or in your brain.

Let's start with the heart energy.

  • Reach up to grab a...
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Stressed out? Gather in your energy.

get centered Nov 24, 2020

Are you feeling off?   Out of balance?   Maybe even stressed out?

Whew, I am with all the energy that's that's happening right now in 2020!

I have a technique that helps me gather the energy all back in.

I'm going to share this with you today.

The Energy taught me how to do this; the Intelligence of the Energy informed me and taught me this technique.

When I'm feeling out of balance, or even to the point of stressed out or anxious,  I love to bring the energy back in.

To do this, I reach up to scoop an entire handful of the quantum field, and bring it right in to the top of my head. There's an energy center there. 

Then I take a breath and I bring that energy to the forehead. There's another energy center there.

I take another breath and I bring it down to my throat. That's your throat chakra.

Breath in again bringing the energy to your heart center. Really feel that!

With another breath in, I bring it to my solar plexus. Notice how my hands...

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Frequency Accelerators!

frequency accelerators Nov 18, 2020

Man, is there a lot of energy moving in our world right now!

As humanity is up leveling, as we are in this shift for higher levels of consciousness, Energy is moving

  • in us,
  • through us,
  • around us,
  • and for us. 

in our group energy sessions here at Quantum Energy Infusion we have people coming in, week after week after week, and their levels of consciousness are continually rising.

What we're finding is there are signs that a level of consciousness is rising.  

We call them frequency accelerators because they are signs that a frequency is accelerating,

When they do our Quantum Quickies and when they do our energy technologies, it accelerates their frequency!

One of QEI's goals is to raise the level of consciousness; to raise the vibration; to raise their frequency!

We're doing this so successfully here that there's all kinds of signs of frequency acceleration.

I'm not the only person that speaks to this. I've heard Laurie Ladd talk about it and she calls them Ascension...

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11/11 Oneness


The energy of Oneness

I've had this on my business card for five years now.

" We are all one race, the human race created equally and unified by the energetic field that vibrates through every living thing on the planet.

The human race.
I have never been more reminded about the importance of the oneness of the human race, than by this political race that we've experienced in the United States in 2020.


Talk about being divided.

Talk about polar opposites

Talk about energy so much energy being spent on this race!

And the bottom line is, we're all Americans.

We're all human beings and humanity is going through this shift in consciousness right now, this up leveling in consciousness.

It's about all of us human beings. It's not about Americans or Africans, or people from China, or Republicans or Democrats or if you're from the north or from the south.

It's about all of us - all of humanity is up leveling.

Let's remember about the energy of oneness; the power of oneness; and...

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2020 Blew the top off!

new earth Oct 21, 2020

I live in a little condo on the beach in southeastern Florida.

I walk before the sun comes up, and I find these beautiful shells on my morning walk.

They remind me about how much life is in the ocean. Look at these beautiful shells.

There's life in these that creates these beautiful shells.

I always used to pick up the ones that were in the best shape.

Then 2020 came along, and I kinda feel like 2020 did this to a lot of us: kind of put a hole in us; tossed us around a lot; and, maybe broke some things loose.

As I was thinking about being quarantined in 2020, I was so glad that I was quarantined with my husband. Look at this beautiful shell that I found where these two shells came together and washed up on shore.

This is a beautiful expression of yin and yang; and a lovely representation of us being quarantined together on the beach.

The one that really got me was this one where the whole top had been blown off.

So instead of just getting bounced around in 2020 with all the...

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Quantum Energy Infusion Level 1 Program Overview

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020


Discover how to make better decisions and focus your energy in the right place, right time.

  • Initial Aura Energy Session
  • Learn True for You Testing to make decisions that are right for you
  • Begin practicing the Heaven and Earth grounding exercise
  • Discover the Central Vessel to release what no longer serves you
  • Practice these new daily exercises to Awaken your energy 



Free yourself of unwanted emotions to make room for the joy and love you want to give and receive.

  • Releasing Trapped Emotions Energy Session
  • Learn to activate a Radiant Circuit to feed and protect your energy
  • New daily exercise to Engage your stream of energy 


Module 3 - TAP INTO YOU

Find ways to alleviate stress and dis-ease in your daily life.

  • Energy Treatment and Tapping Session
  • Manage and Process your life as it is happening
  • New daily exercises to Excite your energy



Learn techniques to...

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