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Back to School


School is starting all around the United States, and my Grandson started Kindergarten this week.

Because he's going to School, I wanted to provide him with a nice, strong Auric Field, so that he would be protected in this pandemic world in which we live.

I wanted him to have a strong auric field so that he could represent who he is. So that when people came into contact with him, they would get a sense of who James is by his field.

When our Auric Field is strong, everything else about us is strong--the Energy Systems from our body pull in energy from our Auric Field.

I wanted him to have that sense of strength and confidence.

So I started working in James's Auric Field.

 I started off by stating my name.Then I said "from me to my Higher Self." to make sure I was connected. This is sacred space - to be working in someone else's energy fields. Then,  "I'm requesting permission to communicate with James's Higher Self".

And I got a "Yes".

I was asking for permission to send James some energy.

And I got a "Yes".

So by doing that, I knew I was allowed to work in his Energy Field.

I'm his Grandmother and I asked permission. It's important that we do this for everyone that we work on, especially our loved ones.

We call this energy hygiene and energy etiquette in Quantum Energy Infusion. 

I have spent the last several days working in James's Auric Field strengthening it. Strengthening it with this Infinity Weave that you hear me talk about all the time.

The following day I was led to go in and work on some Energy closer to his body. So I went in and worked really close with this energy (it's actually called the Tibetan Ring Field) that's right next to the body.

I realized that this was another way that I could support him in strengthening his Energy.

If you think about rings; think about the Olympic Rings, right? It's a ring field, and you can go around and work the Energy of that ring field very close to the body in a circular motion.

These are a couple things you can do for anyone you have that's going back to School--whether your husband's the Teacher, or whether your child's going to High School, or whether you've got a grandson going into kindergarten, this will support them tremendously.

In the meantime, it will also support you because even though you're working on them, you get all the benefits as well. It's one of the most beautiful aspects of Energy Work. And it's a beautiful way for us to share our knowledge about Energy with those that maybe don't know about it yet.

Now, my Grandson knows about it. But maybe you have a neighbor, child, or someone that you could really support with Energy Work.

Be sure you check in with your Higher Self and request permission from your higher self to their higher self.

"May I please send Susie some energy?"

When you get a "Yes", then you can send them Energy and support them as they're stepping back out into our world and able to go back to School.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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