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Cut Those Cords!


Let's cut those cords! 

June is the month of expansion--we are all in this energy of expansion. 

It's happening in the cosmos and at the cosmic level. It's also happening at your personal level in your energy fields, and as your energy expands, your resonance is going to increase your frequency as it gets higher, and you will no longer have room for some people in your life. They are simply going to drop out.

As that happens, let's cut the cords that you have with the people that are no longer resonating with you in your current expanded state.

Now we call this energy hygiene at Quantum Energy Infusion. We teach this right from the beginning.

Let's pretend that that we're talking about you and another friend that used to be very active in your life. Let's say you're connected at the Heart Chakra. Imagine a gold cord connecting you both. What we're going to do is use a little ritual to disconnect this cord so that your energy comes back to you and their...

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Vinnie's Masterpiece


Welcome our newest addition to Quantum Energy Infusion!

We commissioned Vinnie Vasconez to create this masterpiece to give us the visual imagery of Energy as we film and create here in our studio. 

We're so grateful to Vinnie for this and for his brilliance as both an Artist and as an Energy Practitioner.

The Artwork is a depiction of our Chakra System and has been titled "The Seven Chakras of Quantum Energy".

The colors of the seven Chakras are the colors of the rainbow and they are labeled as the following (from bottom to top):

  • 1st Chakra: Red
  • 2nd Chakra: Orange
  • 3rd Chakra: Yellow
  • 4th Chakra: Green (Pink and Gold as well)
  • 5th Chakra: Blue
  • 6th Chakra: Indigo
  • 7th Chakra: Violet

I love how the Energy of the Chakras move all the way across this painting and across my room. Vinnie was sharing with me that when he actually was painting each Chakra, he literally embodied the Energy of the color of the Chakra to paint that section of it....

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Energy Connectors


Energy Connectors

We've been talking about Energy Etiquette and Energy Hygiene here at Quantum Energy Infusion.

I had a massive cord connector today that I released, and it was with someone that I absolutely adore. I knew that it was necessary for me to release this cord, so I want to tell you about my experience with it.

I am connected to this person through my Heart Chakra. I body tested to see if I had an energy connection between us and I got a "Yes". So, in that moment, I decided that I was going to take the following steps:

  • Imagining that I can see that cord emitting from my Heart Chakra, I do a Karate Chop to cut the cord, and then bring the Energy back into my heart. 
  • I then repeat this on this chop on other hand bringing my energy back in.
  • Finally, I'll do a Karate Chop on both sides and then send their own energies back to them.

There are two ends of a connector, and it's important to close up each side.

It's more symbolic than anything. And it really...

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