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Our Infused Intention for April is surrender.

Now remember, this means that you have an idea that you infused with your intention and your attention.

We recommend that you spend time with your infused intention that you create for yourself, every day. Remember that you're also being supported by the QEI community because we're doing the same.

This idea of surrender--it so often has a negative connotation to it. In the way we're using it in this month, it is joyous. It is a joyful surrender, it is a willing release, it is a magical letting-go of something that no longer serves me.

Surrender here is an act of freedom; you're freeing yourself of something that no longer serves you. We have some ideas here that some of our consultants have already written, and I will share them with you.

I release my ego to my higher self.

Think 3D to 5D. We're talking about that a lot now.

The next one,

I surrender to all that I resist.

Wow! Giving into that instead of resisting that--do you...

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The Energy of Gratitude Update


This is the energy of gratitude update I promised you.

As you recall, if you don't know go ahead and look at the link below and look at The Energy of Gratitude Vlog that we sent out earlier.

Our elevator is broken in our building, and I had to take Jim to chemo and he ended up walking down all 88 steps to get to the car this morning.

I spoke into the energy of gratitude and the beautiful things that it attracts to us when we exude the energy of gratitude.

So I went to pick up Jim when his chemo was all done, knowing that the elevator was not yet fixed.

My colleague, Rafe, is here working with me in the office today. So I knew that Rafe and I together could somehow get him up those stairs, even if we had to pull his wheelchair up the stairs backwards. So when we got home from chemo today, Jim was in very good spirits.

And he said, "I think I can walk up the stairs". I said, "Oh, honey, are you sure?". And he said, "I want to try."

So come to find out, we had told one of our...

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The Energy of Gratitude


The Energy of Gratitude!

It's a high frequency--holding gratitude, experiencing gratitude or simply speaking a grateful sentence.

I am thankful for my health. I am thankful for this opportunity. I am thankful that I have a family.

Whatever it is--that is gratitude and that is drawing the energy of gratitude towards you.

Remember, the beautiful Law of Attraction--like attracts like. So as we express gratitude, or we even express gratitude in advance of something that we want to have happen, it's more likely to draw that energy towards us.

I'd like to share a story that happened not even an hour ago, and it has to do with the energy of gratitude and how that took an impossible situation and turned it into a possible one.

As a lot of you know, my husband is in chemo; he has a diagnosis of fourth stage cancer. He had a chemo session this morning. Jim is at the place where he can walk with a walker, and even then that's a stretch.

We live in an old building in South Florida on the fifth...

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Sending Energy to the World


Our Mastermind group sent energy to the entire world on Monday night.

For context, we are currently living in the time when Russia is invading Ukraine. What we're seeing on our TVs and our news feeds is not that of peace; it is that of invasion and aggression. We want to bring in the energy of peaceful co-existence. That's the vision that drives everything I do--raising the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence.

We sent energy to the world (to the collective consciousness) on Monday night. It was powerful, it was mind-bending, and it was so freeing and empowering to know that we could support the world in this time of high contrast.

What's happening is in high contrast of peaceful co-existence. We learn a lot from light and dark; from contrasting situations. It was our intention (and still is) to bring energy to the light and to let that light shine on the darkness.

The more that we can see the light shining on the darkness, the more we can dissolve the darkness.


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We All Benefit


I give myself an energy session every morning before I get out of bed. It usually lasts an hour, sometimes it's 30 minutes, sometimes an hour and a half, it just depends on how early I wake up and how much time I have.

I usually balance my chakras  in the morning. If you know what I'm talking about, great. If you don't--take Quantum Energy Infusion Level One, you can learn about it in Module Five.

So I usually balance my chakras, and I'll do some other work with it, too. I do breath work, and I also bring in the energy of the rays. I also meditate, and oftentimes I pray.

Can you imagine how supercharged that is? To get that kind of energy every morning before I get out of bed?

Then, I have the benefit of living on the ocean. I ground all of that energy really deeply into my body and into the earth. So it's really a beautiful morning routine that I have. I'm very blessed to be able to have this situation.

The point I want to make here is that we all benefit from energy.


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Golden Gauze


Personal Note: My father has crossed over since I filmed this vlog. The content is still relevant and timeless. 

I've been doing a lot of energy work recently on my father

As some of you may remember, he's in hospice, and I have supported many people in crossing over energetically. I consider that to be one of the most important things that I do--energetically helping when people are ready. They don't do it because of me, they do it because of them.

When a person is ready to leave their body, we can support them energetically with that--with a nice clean release.

So I was working with my father knowing full well that he was in hospice.

With the other people that I've worked with before, I have seen a golden tunnel that I've noticed comes out right above the top of their head. I have seen this golden tunnel that goes up for 21 chakras, straight up to source.

I've had this experience multiple times.

In fact, the first time I had it was in a mystical...

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A Precious Moment


I had a precious moment with my husband.

I came back from tending to my father, as we put him into hospice. I've spoken about this earlier. Jim and I were talking about whether he could make the funeral or not.

Some of you may remember, he's experiencing fourth stage cancer right now, and the body is very weak. Jim's spirit is strong, but his body is weak.

So I walked in, and Jim had needed some attention; I needed to work with him, give him some energy, minister him, and clean him up a little bit. After that was all over and we had him back in the bed, we were talking about if he was going to be well enough to go to daddy's funeral. We both realized that he was not, in fact, strong enough to make the trip to Illinois by two planes and all the travel.

As the reality of that moment sunk in, I experienced sadness. I know, I've spoken into sadness before, and that's the word that comes to me. Now, it was much more complex than that. This realization that I was soon...

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Complexities of Emotion


I had an experience the last two weeks that I want to share with you, because I have learned so much about emotions--the layers, the complexity, and the depth of emotion from this experience, and I get to share it because it is my hope that this will support you in your life.

My father is 90 years old; he's lived a magnificent, joyful, productive life of service and goodness. He is at the end of his life, and we put him on hospice.

Two weeks ago, I flew up to Illinois where my mother lives to support her in this effort. We brought daddy home, and we were able to take care of him there in these final weeks and months of his life.

Once I got past the the work part of that--the physicality, getting everything moved, getting the hospice set up, the nurses, etc. I allowed myself to have a moment.

I went upstairs to my childhood bedroom, and sat on my bed. A dear friend of mine texted me and said, "How are you?". She knew what was happening to me. I texted back one...

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The Portals


We are right in the middle of a bunch of portals in February--the 2/2 portal, the 2/12 portal, and the 2/22 portal coming up.

When these portals are open, new energies are coming in. Higher frequencies than what we've had in the past are coming to the Earth.

I like to think of the Sun as the big portal; as the way in which these energies come in. We also have light codes. The energy comes in light codes; light as information, and light as intelligence. It comes in and our bodies receive the light.

We can unlock these light codes when our body is at a high enough frequency to receive the information that is in the light code.

So, if you find that you are tired, confused, frustrated, or if you have some aches and pains, brain fog, or you're not sure what the heck is wrong with you, it's because we are being bombarded with all of these new light codes; all of this new information and frequencies that are coming in to the Earth.

It's coming fast and it's coming hard and it's...

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Infusing your Relationships


Infused Intentions!

Remember, this is when we have an affirmation, or a feeling in our heart, or a pure desire that we want infused with energy to bring it alive into our lives.

The Infused Intention for February is around Relationships. Here are three examples:

I invite new high vibrational relationships and transformational interactions into my life.

Whoa, can you feel the energy of that? And can you imagine speaking that everyday into your reality; how that will draw the energy of that towards you?

My relationships are a reflection of my communication with others, and an opportunity for personal growth.

It's so beautiful the way relationships are mirrors for us. I always look to a relationship and know that that beloved person, or that not so beloved person, is letting me know how it is that I am really being. They are great opportunities for personal growth.

And the third one,

I choose to accept my friends and loved ones just like they are.

How's that for an idea? Acceptance!...

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