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Energy tools for a hurt child


00:00 - The Power of Energy

Never underestimate the power of energy. My grandson took a bad fall tonight on his scooter, a lot of blood on one knee, injury on the other leg, scratches on the hand. It was really scary for him and painful. So, of course, the first thing we did was hug him and comfort him. Then, I got the job of cleaning the wound and dressing it and doing all of that because of my energy experience. His little sister was right there with us, and we were cleaning it up. James was just crying so much because it really hurt. He was trying not to cry, but it hurt so much, especially when I had to touch it to clean it up because of what happened around gravel and cement; it was pretty yucky. 

00:47  - Pulling Out Trauma

Anyway, we started pulling the trauma of the injury out of his knee using energy techniques. I want to say that again. We used energy techniques to pull out traumatic energy that happened when his knee hit the pavement, when the blood came, when...

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