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Energy tools for a hurt child


00:00 - The Power of Energy

Never underestimate the power of energy. My grandson took a bad fall tonight on his scooter, a lot of blood on one knee, injury on the other leg, scratches on the hand. It was really scary for him and painful. So, of course, the first thing we did was hug him and comfort him. Then, I got the job of cleaning the wound and dressing it and doing all of that because of my energy experience. His little sister was right there with us, and we were cleaning it up. James was just crying so much because it really hurt. He was trying not to cry, but it hurt so much, especially when I had to touch it to clean it up because of what happened around gravel and cement; it was pretty yucky. 

00:47  - Pulling Out Trauma

Anyway, we started pulling the trauma of the injury out of his knee using energy techniques. I want to say that again. We used energy techniques to pull out traumatic energy that happened when his knee hit the pavement, when the blood came, when the skin was broken, when the other leg was bruised, and there's a gash over there. So we started pulling out that impact energy. Yeah, it's trauma, and we were trying to get it out. 

01:26 - Ways to Pull Out Energy

Now, there are two ways you can do that. You do not have to be an Energy Master to do this. You’re energy; your person is energy, whether it's your child or a family member, and everything's energy. So the energy of that impact landed as trauma in this person's body. One way you can do it - let's say here's the injury; you can make a counterclockwise, start with a circle and let it come into a spiral. As you start to move that energy counterclockwise, it will start to move with you, and you may find it goes faster and faster. So you can continue this counterclockwise spiral, and the energy will then engage itself, and once you've gotten it started, it's going to work with you and itself to pull out. That's amazing. 

The other way you can do it is like a lightning bolt. So let's say you just feel like you need it; like it's shooting out; like the pain is shooting out. You can grab it and help it leave. So we're trying to get that trauma out of the sight of the injury and the wound. 

02:28 - Calling in Support

Now, his little six-year-old sister said, 'We need to give him some energy, Nana,' and I said, 'You're right, Luna.' So she went and hugged him on his shoulders; he was sitting on the barstool at the counter. And she went to hug him on his shoulders, and then when she saw what I was doing, she helped me work with the energy in the way in which I was doing it. Once it was clean, once I had the ointment on (it really stung him), he was trying so hard not to cry, and then we had to bandage it. Then I started to send it energy, calming and soothing energy. I felt like we had gotten most of the trauma, the energy of trauma out of there. So I put one hand behind his knee; I didn't touch it because that would have been physically painful, and then sent energy with the other hand above it, one below it, and one above it. 

03:12 - The Power of Love

Now, you do not have to be a Reiki Master to do this either. The energy of your love is a higher frequency than the energy of his physical body. I'm going to say that again. The energy of your love, the frequency of your love, is 500. That's a 5D frequency, and the energy of his body could be 200 or 300 or something, and for sure, the energy of that pain is really low. So anything that you can do to direct your love and your energy and your intention for healing to that spot will send a frequency and an energetic frequency that will accelerate healing. How cool is that? That you have the capability of doing that? Now, this works on anyone; it's just that if it's with your child, there's absolutely love and usually unconditional love behind that as well. 

04:14 - Broadcasting Energy

Then when it was time for him to go to bed, I asked for permission to send him some energy as he fell asleep, and he said he would allow that. So I stood kind of near his bed and broadcast energy; now, that's different from what I was doing here. And it's different from what I was releasing, and I broadcast energy towards his knees and lower limbs. You know where the trauma was, there's going to be some bruises and all kinds of stuff. The thing is, that's going to be a lot less than what it was because all of the energy that we have already administered in the area of the wound. Yeah, and the impact of the injury with all that trauma. 

04:51 - Kids Can Use Energy Too!

So I will check on him in the morning, and if there's any more trauma that needs to be released, I'll do that. I can check that and we can just do it with body testing and see what's next. I also find that especially with children, actually anybody, but children especially, are so receptive to energy and man, he was asleep in minutes. This is a kid that takes a long time to fall asleep and so listen to a sleep story. He was out. So use it that way to send your kid some energy at night. Remember the frequency of your love is higher than what's happening with their body. So send it to them. I'm Connie Kean. With Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy.

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