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An Initiation from Jesus and Mary Magdalene!


00:03 - Intro to the QEI Mastermind

I had the coolest thing happen last night during the Lunar Eclipse in our QEI Mastermind. We meet once a month and it's all of us who are QEI certified consultants, come together, we give each other energy work, I do a new teaching every month and we come together in community and in communion and we come together to serve one another, and to serve humanity as well. So we not only work on ourselves, we will also work on the collective consciousness. Yes, it's a beautiful way to be of service to each other and to humanity. 


00:36 - When Energy Speaks, You Listen

So everybody got their energy session last night and it was time for me to start the teaching and Kristel said, “Connie, you're always giving us energy, wouldn't you like an energy session?” I said, “that would be so much fun. I would love that.” So they all started working on me. I was on the energy seat, as we say, and they started sending me energy and man before we knew it, I was receiving this massive, energetic download. I mean, like it was knocking me back. I was rocking back and forth. My body couldn't sit still.

Thank goodness I was already grounded and had been in the energy for an hour because I was really deeply grounded and centered. So it was easy for me to anchor; well, I don't want to use the word easy, so it was possible for me to anchor in those energies as they were cascading into my body like a waterfall and it was coming in my chakra centers. It was also coming in into my body, and in fact it was crystalline energy, it was crystalline and diamond energy. Most especially it was crystalline and you know as we're moving from carbon to crystalline, and that's part of the whole 5D experience and experiment with humanity. That crystalline, that point of light, that point of crystalline light is at the center of every cell, and man every cell in my body was charged last night as that energy was coming in.

Another consultant Lynnea said “Connie, This is massive. I think you're receiving initiation.” And I tested and yes, I was literally receiving my next level initiation from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Wow, I do a lot of work with them. They're my main guides and they will do this every once in a while, sometimes it's once a year, sometimes it's twice a year, it just depends when they need me to uplevel for my next assignment from them, I receive an initiation and it is stunning how it happens and how it up levels my energy. So anyway, this crystalline and diamond light was coming in and it was igniting the the core of all of my cells and there was this massive grid, crystalline grid of light in my chest that was beaming out. It was it was astonishing the way that it was happening and what that felt like. Whoa, it's gonna take me probably 21 days to integrate this energy. I mean, because it was stunning. 


03:01 - The Assignment

Anyway, so they have some work in mind for me, and they want me to start writing again and having my daily conversations with them. They say it's time. They want me to bring in a lot of their teachings in an energetic vessel. So that's what I was told to do last night and I was up most of the night writing. I mean, who can sleep after something like that? Plus the Eclipse was happening and most of my friends that I've spoken to today were up most of the night last night working as well, working of course for the collective, well I was… anytime I worked for the collective I also benefit from doing the energy.


03:36 - Elevating the Collective Consciousness 

So back to our session, It is so beautiful to be surrounded by community and to have those high functioning high frequency consultants tend to my energy, right? To nurture me and hold me and hold the space, and hold that vessel that was 3D, our 3D bodies with the 5D energy at which we all vibrate and the 7D energies that were coming in. I mean it was a lot and all of us experienced this blessed event as I was being lifted up to my next, I'm gonna use the word incarnation; to my next reimagining of me.

Wow, it was cool. I love our QEI community.

I'm Connie Kean Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy

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