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No power!?!


00:00 - Tornadoes in Texas

So, I'm here in East Dallas, Texas, where the tornadoes went through this week. We've been without power for two full days, and they expect it to be five days before they get the electricity back on in our neighborhood. We have so many old trees from the '40s that came down on the power lines. They can't just repair them; they actually need to rebuild the power lines. This is a branch down in our driveway from the storm.


00:34 - Slept Like a Baby

Here's the interesting part: This is an old neighborhood with all the high-wire electric lines. Well, there's no power going through those, no Wi-Fi or any of that, and I slept like a baby the last two nights with no power. That's just another indicator of how much all those vibrations and EMFs moving through the atmosphere can affect us. I actually do energy work on myself to protect my field from those. Anything you can do to strengthen your auric field helps. You know I love the Infinity Wave—you...

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