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Tree of Life


00:00 - New Light Codes Incoming

If you don't know what's wrong with you, this is it. We have new light codes coming in for the Tree of Life. We are in the Taurus gate, approaching the May 5 portal, that five-five portal. If you follow astrology or anything like that, you know we’re in some very unusual times that don't come around very often. The point is, if you are feeling funny, you are literally upgrading your human self. Your physicality is upgrading with these frequencies. I don’t think anybody is immune to these. If you are watching this, you are already aware that you are an energetic being.

00:42 - Tree of Life Energy

This Tree of Life energy that’s coming in right now is seeding the New Earth. I mean, it absolutely is and here’s the point: you are the Tree of Life. You are all that is; you are the heavens, you are the earth. You are the Yin, you are the Yang. It’s time for us to step into that, to own it, and to be it. We are walking, talking, Trees of Life. That really is all it is. If you’re feeling weird, it’s because you’re downloading or integrating these energies because they’re here. They’re coming. I mean, they’re going to walk through the portal, so to speak, on May 5. But the thing is, I’ve already been initiated into the energies, and I’ve already initiated my mastermind into this template—this template of the Tree of Life. We are holding the space now for all of you who are receiving these energies and will walk through that portal on the fifth and receive the template.

01:55 - Alchemize the Old Stuff

You may think you’re losing your mind because I have felt pressure in my head that has been unbelievable. I felt old energies moving around in my head. There was one energy like a piece of coal dragging around; it was so painful as it was trying to move out. These new frequencies are higher vibrating, and lower vibrating frequencies don’t do well with all of this. If you’ve got anything that no longer serves you, it’s on its way out. You can think of it as alchemizing and turning into light. That’s how I was working with a lot of those energies. I thought, 'Wow, this hurts. There’s like a piece of coal moving around in my brain, and I am going to alchemize this. I’m going to transmute it and let that energy turn into light. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. So, I transformed that piece of coal whacking around in my head into light so it could release from my physicality.

02:59 - Becoming the Tree of Life

I have had my feet—this grounding idea of the Tree of Life—become energy fields that fill a room as I’ve been integrating this template for the Tree of Life. I was working with the energies while laying down because I don’t think I could have been upright. As I was integrating these, I could feel my body expanding. I felt my feet go into the earth, the energy of my feet and that enormous root system. I felt the trunk, my body expanding as the trunk. Then I felt galactic energies because this Tree of Life is all-encompassing. It reaches into the galaxies, goes all the way into the center of the earth. As I received my initiation, I went past the earth, all the way to the heart of Earth, and then moved out. It was fascinating to me that this Tree of Life was bigger than earth. It represents Earth in the cosmos. And you are that, and I am that, and we all are that.

04:13 - Prepare Yourself for the Incoming Energies

It’s time for us to claim this fact that we are walking, talking, vibrating Trees of Life, and we are here to hold that space, to hold that energetic space for the New Earth. If you’re watching this, be prepared for this as you transmit through this five-five portal. Be prepared for these energies to come in. They’re already here, and you may already be integrating them without knowing what was wrong with you. I’ve had heart palpitations, ears ringing, moments where I couldn’t see clearly, and swollen legs like tree trunks. This is manifesting physically in me as my body works to integrate these new light codes. Old things are leaving my body. As I transmute this dense energy, I feel so much better. I have more mental clarity, and the ringing in my ears has stopped. That probably went on for 48 hours while I worked with those energies, thinking, 'I hope this passes. I’m going to keep running these energies because I don’t want this to stay.'

So, just know that if you are not already experiencing this, you may, and it’s good news. It’s not bad news. It’s good news because you are up-leveling, you are upgrading, and you are now a Tree of Life. Another word we could use is Lightstation or Light Master. Yes, you are this Tree of Life holding the space for the New Earth. We can do that energetically. With this transit and this initiation, you are the Tree of Life.

I’m Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where everything is energy.

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