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Tree of Life


00:00 - New Light Codes Incoming

If you don't know what's wrong with you, this is it. We have new light codes coming in for the Tree of Life. We are in the Taurus gate, approaching the May 5 portal, that five-five portal. If you follow astrology or anything like that, you know we’re in some very unusual times that don't come around very often. The point is, if you are feeling funny, you are literally upgrading your human self. Your physicality is upgrading with these frequencies. I don’t think anybody is immune to these. If you are watching this, you are already aware that you are an energetic being.

00:42 - Tree of Life Energy

This Tree of Life energy that’s coming in right now is seeding the New Earth. I mean, it absolutely is and here’s the point: you are the Tree of Life. You are all that is; you are the heavens, you are the earth. You are the Yin, you are the Yang. It’s time for us to step into that, to own it, and to be it. We are walking,...

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