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Dr. Joe's Meditation Retreat


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It's a pretty quiet morning here at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I got here at 6:15 AM. I'm flying out for a week-long advanced meditation retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza. I started meditating in January of 1976, and I love meditation. I'm really looking forward to learning some new skills and taking the way I meditate to another level. I also appreciate Dr. Joe Dispenza because of all the science he's bringing to the world around meditation, with his medical and biological insights, and of course, all of the effects on our mental, physical, and emotional bodies.

I want to learn more science while I'm here. I've read all of his books and have followed him for years. It was so exciting for me to find someone talking about quantum energy like we do here at Quantum Energy Infusion. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of like-minded people who will understand what I'm talking about and I won't have to explain it.

I'm constantly working to expand my energy and improve my skill set so that I can bring those to you at Quantum Energy Infusion. As I set off on this week-long meditation retreat, know that it's all about the collective. It's all about helping to raise the collective consciousness. The more I can do to expand my energy and bring all of this information, especially the science behind the quantum energy that we know to be true, the more I can help you, help Quantum Energy Infusion, and certainly help raise the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence.

I'll see you on the other side.

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