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00:00 - Working With the Energies of the New Tree of Life

Restore, rejuvenate, rebirth. Those are the energies I'm working with, with this new Tree of Life template. I've been working with it every day, y'all, and something new happens every day that I work with this energy. It's really simple. If you think about being the Tree of Life, it’s a function of having a root system and plugging into the yin energy of Mother Earth—that beautiful, gentle, powerful, strong, nurturing, and nourishing energy of Mother Earth.

00:37 - Send Your Roots into Mother Earth

You are the tree. So, send your roots down into the earth. You can use your root chakra, your tailbone, or your meridians and extend the meridian endings from your toes. I don’t care how you do it. You can just go out and stand barefoot in the grass and become one with Mother Earth. It all works. Send this taproot down. Since you’re the tree, you’ve got a taproot, so send it into the earth, deep into...

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