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00:00 - Working With the Energies of the New Tree of Life

Restore, rejuvenate, rebirth. Those are the energies I'm working with, with this new Tree of Life template. I've been working with it every day, y'all, and something new happens every day that I work with this energy. It's really simple. If you think about being the Tree of Life, it’s a function of having a root system and plugging into the yin energy of Mother Earth—that beautiful, gentle, powerful, strong, nurturing, and nourishing energy of Mother Earth.

00:37 - Send Your Roots into Mother Earth

You are the tree. So, send your roots down into the earth. You can use your root chakra, your tailbone, or your meridians and extend the meridian endings from your toes. I don’t care how you do it. You can just go out and stand barefoot in the grass and become one with Mother Earth. It all works. Send this taproot down. Since you’re the tree, you’ve got a taproot, so send it into the earth, deep into the earth, all the way to the molten center, and bring up that molten red, gorgeous energy. Bring it up through your taproot, all the way up through your root chakra. If you want to think about your chakra system, whatever works for you—the meridians—it’s all energy. Bring it up.

I like to think about the capillaries of the tree, right? I think of myself as the trunk, bringing all that deliciousness and juiciness from the earth. You can think of the earth element, the water element, and then it comes up. I feel so tall, y'all. When I’m the Tree of Life, I don’t even know how tall I am. I keep going up and up, reaching towards the sun. I engage the fire energy of the sun, and sometimes I literally reach up and touch the sun to receive its energy, to have it sit in the palm of my hand.

01:55 - Engage With the Fire Energy

I'm using all the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. I’m using this Tree of Life template and allowing my body to be the tree. When you think about it and reach up towards that fire energy of the sun, you’re getting light. Light is information. Light is intelligence. Those light codes contain information. So, as you reach up, you are the trunk, then you’re the branches, and then you’re the leaves, right? The leaves unfurl.

02:25 - Engage With the Intelligence of Trees

It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere and I’ve been watching the trees come to life here in Texas. It’s been beautiful and a great reminder that these deciduous trees hibernate for the winter—they go dormant. When they come back alive in the spring, they’re just as beautiful and bigger than ever for having been dormant and having that time of rest. I’ve loved watching the buds come out, then the little green buds, and finally the leaves unfurl. Those leaves gather the information, the light codes, and all the photosynthesis happens. Thank you, trees, for that intelligence. The intelligence that trees have and the way they communicate with each other—I love to plug into that.

03:12 - Plug into the Intelligence 

Yes, this is all over the place because everything is energy. When you are the Tree of Life and allow yourself to hold that Tree of Life template, you plug into all that. You plug into the elements of the earth, the intelligence of the energy, the communication, and the oneness of the trees and the cosmos. That’s all available to us. It’s like a fountain of youth if you think about it—if you are that Tree of Life. When I say rebirth, restoration, rejuvenation, those are the energies I’m feeling when I allow myself to embody this Tree of Life template.

Work with it. If you haven’t gotten serious about this yet, it’s time. It’s going to bring you great dividends. Any time you spend with this energy will make a difference and show up in your life.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where everything is energy.

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