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The old emotion underneath the injury

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2024

00:00 - The Body Keeps Score

I was working with an athlete this weekend that had a shoulder injury, and you will not believe what was at the root of it. He had come back from the gym, worked out, and was complaining about his shoulder. He said the pain was an eight and I said, “Well there's no sense in you being in pain, let's get that out of there.” So we did an energy session on that shoulder, very traditional stuff, you know, pulling out old blocked energies, working with the pain field, getting that energy moved out, equalizing the energy, then bringing new lifeforce energy into it. It took a while, I mean, we were probably working on it for 20 minutes. Anyway, by the end of that session, he said, “wow, my pain went from an eight to a zero”. I said, “fantastic”, so we went on to do our other stuff. 

So later in the day, I'm looking for him and I see him and he's lifting a weight, like a really heavy weight. He's going like “yeah, look at this. I can do this.” He said, “But you know what, I'm starting to feel a little twinge in here.” And I said, “Well, you keep doing that. Let me do some more energy work on it.” So we pulled out some more old energy that didn't need to be there and we relieved the pain and he was back to a zero. That was cool. We went off and did our thing.

01:10 - Working Through the Heartache

Later in the day, I'm finding him and he's got some stretch bands and he's working both sides, and he's working the whole thing and he's seeing what his range of motion is. He goes, “I can't believe I have all this range of motion in this shoulder.” So he was working with it and seeing if he could tweak anything or you know, if there was anything still left in there. And I said, “you know, I'm detecting some energy, and it's actually, it's in your chest. It's underneath the shoulder and it's in your chest.” And I said “it's heartache.” And he looked at me and he said “wow, I'm still not over my ex.” I said, “you know, everything's energy. Let's take this energy of heartache, and let's transform it into unconditional love. That heartache does not have to stay locked in your chest, I believe it's at the root of the shoulder and injury.” So we did. 

He worked with that energy of heartache, and he transformed it into gratitude for the relationship. He transformed it into unconditional love for this woman that he had had his heart broken over. He transformed it into gratitude for the fact that they had that relationship and he transformed it into joy for the fact that he did get to know that love. Yeah, everything is energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be transformed, though.

02:42 - Do the Work! Move the Old Energy Out!

So when you've got some heavy, abiding energy in you, if it's something heavy in your heart or heavy in your mind or heavy in your life, you can take that energy and you can transform it. Your body is like a combustion engine. Your body can transform, can alchemize, can change energy. So if you've got something old and stuck in you, don't let it run you, choose to alchemize it and I recommend unconditional love or gratitude or joy or peace. Pick one of those and alchemize that old lower vibrating energy that's holding you back into a beautiful energy that can help you propel forward. Yeah, I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where everything is energy.

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