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Energy PSA


00:00 - PSA

Here's a public service announcement for the long weekend coming up. The energies are so amplified right now with us in this eclipse quarter and with all of the solar radiation that's happening and you know, it's springtime in the northern hemisphere. I have had to go outside five times today. It's only 2:30 in the afternoon, my time, and I have been so antsy. There's so much energy moving around me and through me that I have had to go outside to ground myself and center myself. 

00:37 - Get Your Willies Out!

Now, I'm an adult. Can you imagine if you're a six-year-old or an eight-year-old and you're off to school for four days and all of these energies are pinging off of you? So, get your kids outside this weekend, especially if they're out of school and you've got them for a long weekend. They've got to get their Willies out. I'm an old person and I have to get mine out. 

You know, I have my stump in the backyard. I went out and sat on my stump. I went out and...

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