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Give it to Mother Earth


Mother Earth loves us so much.

She speaks our language.

The kinesthetic intelligence of our body communicates with the Quantum Field. It also communicates with the intelligence of Mother Earth, Gaia.

And I like to speak about the heart of Gaia. That's the aspect of her that is giving and loves us so much.

The reason I'm talking about this today is because the kinesthetic intelligence of your body communicates with the Earth in a way that there is an exchange--yes, there's actually an energy exchange between you and the Earth.

This exchange can be compared to a figure eight, or as you may have seen me do before, an Infinity Weave. That figure eight goes up into your body, down into the earth, up into your body again, and down into the earth again.

So you can constantly think about sending energy to Mother Earth or receiving energy from Mother Earth.

You can also give Mother Earth what you don't need anymore--anxiety, stress, frustration, sadness, or anything else that no longer serves you.

We have all of those emotions. And what we can do is send them down into the Earth, so that Gaia can transmute it.

We have Energy Centers in our feet. We have Meridians that begin and end in our feet. We have Chakras in our feet. And we have the electromagnetic aspect of our skin in our feet that comes in contact with the Earth.

So I'm going to invite you step out into Mother Earth--step out into nature. Whether it's a backyard, front yard, or in a park somewhere in a big city.

Come into contact with Mother Earth. Take your shoes off. Let the soles of your feet come into contact with Mother Earth in a way that feels like it's connected.

Roll forward on your feet, roll backwards, and really feel the Earth under your feet. Feel it under the ball of your foot. Feel it under the arch. Roll side to side while keeping your knees loose. Lift up your toes and place them down on the ground like a tree frog--you have Chakras in those toes that can connect with the Earth.

And as you do that, release any anxiety into the Earth. Let it drain from your body into the Earth, just like you're draining oil out of a car.  

Let the oil out, and change those old feelings.

Change the paradigm.

Take a breath and release it into the Earth.  

Let it drain from your body--from your shoulders, your heart center, wherever it's heavy, really, and let it fall down into the Earth.

Mother Earth will take it and transmute it for you.

Remember, Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It's simply transmuted.

When you are complete, breathe in and breathe up through your feet. Breathe in that Mother Earth Energy.

At this point, you've released what no longer serves you, and you're breathing in that Yin Energy from the Mother Earth.

Allow that nurturing, beautiful, loving Energy to support all of us on this beautiful planet.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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