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In the Dentist's Chair AGAIN!


I've got another tip for the Dentist's Chair (I've been spending a lot of time there, huh?). 

I recently fell six feet off of a ladder, and I ended up cracking my teeth. I hit my jaw so hard that I literally cracked my molars. It was so bad that I needed to have crowns put in.

It wasn't how I wanted to spend my time, but nevertheless, I'm learning a lot from this experience.

I already did a vlog about removing trauma while in the Dentist's Chair; you may remember that--if you haven't seen it, check it out here.

My last experience was so traumatic with all of the drilling, the noise, and all of the choking that I knew I was going to be ready this time.

While I was waiting in the Dentist's Chair for them to come in, I sent energy to my mouth, my jaw, and to my face.

I set the intention to send Energy to that specific area of my body. The Energy emits from my hands while I'm in the field  (like a little ways away from the body).

If you feel comfortable doing that, you can. If you would rather put your hands directly on your face where you want the energy to go, that works perfectly too. We are electromagnetic beings, and the electromagnetic energy in your hands will transfer to where you're putting your hands.

So you can sit very quietly in the Dentist's Chair and send healing energy to fortify your face before this all happens.

Now, since I'm an Energy worker, and they already know me, and they knew I was coming, I went ahead and gave myself a full treatment sitting in the chair while they were doing all the other stuff they had to do in preparation.

When they came back in after I was waiting, I stopped what I was doing. The Doctor said "Don't stop on my account, keep doing what you're doing". So I was able to continue sending energy to my face, head, and neck until the drilling started.

Afterwards, when I opened my mouth, it was so much less traumatic than it was the last time. I had all of this energy built up to buffer the noise, the drilling, and the electrical aspects of what was happening.

The Dentist said, "I can really feel that it is so peaceful in here... whatever you were doing, makes the whole room feel peaceful".

So I want you to know that after that other experience, I was ready for him this time. I really energized myself and prepared myself for what I knew was going to happen.

As soon as they were done with the drilling, I pulled what little bit of trauma happened (it was nothing compared to last time), and then gave myself more energy as they prepared to put the crown in.

So know that there are ways to use your energy. You don't have to be an Energy Practitioner.

You have the energy - you're an electromagnetic being!

Anytime that you have discomfort or you want to increase your Energy, put your hands on your body with the intention of bringing Energy in. It happens because you are an energetic being.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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