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Thumped My Face Off!


I thumped my face off.

That's what one of our participants said to me yesterday. "I thumped my face off in the shower. Connie, I am so grateful for QEI (for Quantum Energy Infusion) and all of these energy techniques I have learned."

We found out her significant other lost his job. They were down to one income, and that was a complete shock! They moved to another city (another state) for this job. A few months later, it was gone.

I thumped my face off.

So instead of exploding, being unkind to the person that just lost the job, or completely freaking out, she was able to move that shocked, traumatic, unbelievable, and impossible information with Quantum Energy Infusion Technologies.

She was telling me about the confidence she had. Because of all the tools that she has learned in Quantum Energy Infusion, when this shocking information comes up, or if there's a sense of fear, or lack, or sudden "not knowing what to do", she can move that energy.

You've seen me do these--you can use the...

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Vitamin Shock Therapy


There are ways to infuse our bodies energetically using nutraceuticals.

Think about a vitamin; that would be like a pharmaceutical, only a nutraceutical. I am on day three of COVID. Yesterday and the day before, I could not get out of bed.

I had 101 degree temperature! My body aches were so excruciating, I couldn't even lay still. I had to keep rotating my body and hugging myself in fetal position to try to lessen the pain in my joints. And the headache! I couldn't even get the headache to stop.

I did all of my energy technologies, I took Tylenol, and it was like this headache was not going away.

So I learned over 10 years ago at the Environmental Health Center about Vitamin C shock therapy. I also go by the Medical Medium, who has a Vitamin C shock therapy as well.

48 hours after I could hardly function, I'm now making a video on what you can do to have a Quantum Recovery like I am having.

Now, I am still quarantining and I will be quarantined for five days. I'll probably...

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Stop Anxiousness


I recently stopped an anxiety attack at the Charlotte Airport using Energy tools. And the good news is, you already know them!

My husband, Jim, and I were traveling to see my parents in Illinois (my dad turned 90 and we were going to his birthday party). My sweet Jim, as I have shared before, has a cancer challenge, and we weren't sure if he was going to be well enough to make the trip or not. However, he decided that he wanted to do it.

When we got to the airport a few things happened. Jim wasn't feeling well, and we needed to 1) wait for his wheelchair; 2) then the aid that would push him throughout the airport, which we were so grateful for; and, 3) another person for the aid to push along with us.  

After waiting a while, I found myself getting really impatient. Each one of these steps took five to seven minutes to bring to completion, and we had a plane to catch. It's not usually like me to become impatient,  but I did!.

When we...

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