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Thumped My Face Off!


I thumped my face off.

That's what one of our participants said to me yesterday. "I thumped my face off in the shower. Connie, I am so grateful for QEI (for Quantum Energy Infusion) and all of these energy techniques I have learned."

We found out her significant other lost his job. They were down to one income, and that was a complete shock! They moved to another city (another state) for this job. A few months later, it was gone.

I thumped my face off.

So instead of exploding, being unkind to the person that just lost the job, or completely freaking out, she was able to move that shocked, traumatic, unbelievable, and impossible information with Quantum Energy Infusion Technologies.

She was telling me about the confidence she had. Because of all the tools that she has learned in Quantum Energy Infusion, when this shocking information comes up, or if there's a sense of fear, or lack, or sudden "not knowing what to do", she can move that energy.

You've seen me do these--you can use the...

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Complexities of Emotion


I had an experience the last two weeks that I want to share with you, because I have learned so much about emotions--the layers, the complexity, and the depth of emotion from this experience, and I get to share it because it is my hope that this will support you in your life.

My father is 90 years old; he's lived a magnificent, joyful, productive life of service and goodness. He is at the end of his life, and we put him on hospice.

Two weeks ago, I flew up to Illinois where my mother lives to support her in this effort. We brought daddy home, and we were able to take care of him there in these final weeks and months of his life.

Once I got past the the work part of that--the physicality, getting everything moved, getting the hospice set up, the nurses, etc. I allowed myself to have a moment.

I went upstairs to my childhood bedroom, and sat on my bed. A dear friend of mine texted me and said, "How are you?". She knew what was happening to me. I texted back one...

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The Stress of the Holidays


What are you gonna do with all of the stress of the holidays?

I got some energetic tips that will help you navigate through the holidays and move that energy as it comes at you.

Now, here's the key: Everything is Energy!

Those emotions you're feeling are energy in motion. That rude comment somebody just sent your way? That's energy; that's their energy. It's not your energy; don't let it become your energy.

When we understand that everything is energy, we can prevent it from entering our energy field.

Right off the bat, one of the first things that you can do (you've seen me do this so many times) is strengthen your biofield.

I'm strengthening the energetic field that is around my body. I'm doing that so less and less can come in and penetrate that field and get all the way to my body.

You know, like when your mom says that comment for the third time that was meant to land in shame. I don't want it to land, so what I want to do is keep it moving.

So if a comment like that come...

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I have been releasing a lot of energies lately.

There are high frequencies that are coming in due to the planetary alignments and the fact that we are in the middle of this shift for humanity.

This is affecting Mother Earth, it's affecting us, and it's affecting the densities of our physicality.

When photons come in with new light codes in these high frequencies, I think for some people they just hit and bounce off of the density of their body.

For those of us that choose to receive them though, they're coming in similarly to how light can come into your body. And when that happens, these higher vibrating frequencies start to mix things up.

The lower vibrating frequencies cannot survive with higher vibrating frequencies.

Remember, Emotions are Energy in MotionSo when I say "lower vibrating", I mean, emotions that don't feel so great like:

  • Shame
  • Grief
  • Abuse
  • Injustice

I'm talking about all these low vibrating consciousnesses that do not do well with higher...

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Amanda Lorence


There was a New Moon on September 7th, and on September 9th, there was the 9/9 Portal, with all of these new energies are coming in.

I was practically in a stupor on the 7th--I was so aware of the energies that came in. They were strong and penetrating to me.

I felt like I had a sinus condition all day; there was all of this pressure in my head.

I wasn't thinking about the higher frequencies coming in. I knew they would come in on the 9/9 portal, but I wasn't thinking about them yet on Tuesday.

And of course, these frequencies are coming in all the time, and it's escalating all the time.

I had a full day of work Tuesday to get done. And especially after the three day weekend (Labor Day Weekend). My brain was really not functioning at its highest level. And it didn't bother me, because I used my Energy Tools.

So I would move around, and I would be doing my beloved Quantum Chop, and I would see what I could do next. And sometimes it only took 15 or 20 seconds, and...

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Toxins Releasing


In Quantum Energy Infusion, we talk a lot about feelings, emotions, thoughts, and the subconscious. But what do we do with all the emotions and feelings that come from our thoughts and our subconscious?

At QEI, we have a dozen technologies that can help you move a disturbing emotion, a traumatic experience, and/or old blocked emotions.

I'm currently doing the "3:6:9 Cleanse" from the Medical Medium, and I'm having a lot of feelings and emotions come up.

While reading, I discovered that adrenaline literally gets stored in the body; specifically in the cells. Then the emotions associated with the rush of adrenaline get stuck in the body. Anthony William discusses this beautifully in his book while talking about cleansing. 

I also found out that when old fat cells release, they actually burst. As these fat cells come up and burst, they release the old toxin (or adrenaline) that's inside of them. When the adrenaline is let go, the associated emotion is released...

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