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Let that Emotion Rumble Through!


I am experiencing so much energy moving right now!

In this time of The Shift, I am feeling energy as:  

  • it's moving through the collective consciousness
  • it's expressing through my interactions with other people
  • the way that it's rumbling through me
1. It's my job to feel my internal energy:
  • to feel my emotions
  • and to process my emotions
2. It's also my job to process energy that comes in from an external source.
  • Let's say I got together with a friend and and I picked up some anxious energy from her. 
  • Or maybe I watched something on the news and it blew my mind.
  • There can be external triggers and we can process the energy from those.
3. Then there's the Collective Consciousness!
  • All of the energy that's moving in the collective right now because The Shift is really powerful.
  • A lot of it is dense, darker, energies that have come up to be cleared.
  • These energies can be oppression, sadness, frustration, and all of these can be processed.


The good news is that there's one way to clear it, whether it's internal, external, or from the collective.

Let it rumble through you! 

Let's say I just had a wave of shame wash over me.

Well, first of all, it's not me. It's the emotion of shame; It's a feeling.

I am still me, my higher self watching all of this happen.

This wave of shame rushes through me and it's come up to be released. The way that I release it: 
  • I acknowledge the feeling of shame.
  • I feel it moving through me.
  • And if I have a memory about it, I acknowledge the memory.
  • I love myself.
  • And remember, this is the shame processing.
  • It's not me.
  • I breathe through it.
I let the shame rumble through my body energy processing plant:
  • I breathe.
  • I bring in the LifeForce Energy with my breath.
  • Because I want to stay in my body
  • Even if it feels painful moving through,
  • I still need to be in my body to clear it 
  • Me breathing in that LifeForce Energy helps equalize and process this energy
  • Until it rumbles all the way through me and out of me.
  • It's processed and it's neutralized back out in the field.

That is how you process an energy whether it's an internal one, an external one, or if it's from the collective.  Move that energy through!

Remember that it is an energy. It is not you. 

E-motion is energy in motion.

It is not you.

You can move it through and out of you.

And support the collective by processing one more heavy, dense emotion!

Emotions are energy-in-motion so it makes sense to use energetic techniques to move them through our bodies. Book a free call with Connie to learn the #1 way for you to move energy out of your body.  


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