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Thumped My Face Off!


I thumped my face off.

That's what one of our participants said to me yesterday. "I thumped my face off in the shower. Connie, I am so grateful for QEI (for Quantum Energy Infusion) and all of these energy techniques I have learned."

We found out her significant other lost his job. They were down to one income, and that was a complete shock! They moved to another city (another state) for this job. A few months later, it was gone.

I thumped my face off.

So instead of exploding, being unkind to the person that just lost the job, or completely freaking out, she was able to move that shocked, traumatic, unbelievable, and impossible information with Quantum Energy Infusion Technologies.

She was telling me about the confidence she had. Because of all the tools that she has learned in Quantum Energy Infusion, when this shocking information comes up, or if there's a sense of fear, or lack, or sudden "not knowing what to do", she can move that energy.

You've seen me do these--you can use the central vessel release when something just hits the fan, and you don't know what to do, just start saying, "Wow, I'm gonna move this energy, I don't really like the way this feels. I don't want it to stay in my body, and it is not me."

This is energy, and energy moves. Emotion is energy in motion. Release that emotion that's not serving you and make sure that it moves through your body. Don't stop until you feel some relief, or you feel some kind of a shift. She thumped her face off in the shower until she felt the shift, and then it was okay.

There's a beautiful aspect of doing energy work in the shower.

We have our auric field, our bio-field, that exudes out from our body. It's why I'm always doing the infinity weave. It works the energy and knits together the energy of our bio-field.

When we have energy in our bio-field that's shattered or traumatic we can move it.

We've had this happen in our home, where one of us has lost a job and it's shock, panic, fear and then all the things that come with it. It's not like there's just one, they come and then it comes in waves.

Every time another emotion just washes over you in a way that you don't expect, you can instantly start doing one of the energy technologies

You can start doing something immediately so you know that unnecessary, unwanted emotion does not land in your body, sink in, and get itself blocked in there, which is going to create a block, and then it's going to come out some other time when you really don't want it to come out. It's going to come out sideways, and it's going to be uncomfortable. Then you're going to sure wish that you had simply released that emotion right when it landed so it didn't have to get stuck and locked in your body.

Thumped my face off.

I'm going to say that a lot because it really does sum up the beauty of our program. How simple it is and how effective it is.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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