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Release the Word "Healing"


I've been in healing work for a long time; 30 years I have been some kind of energy practitioner!

Typically, our goal was healing. In our current world, moving from 3D to this 5D world, this New Earth that is in place and waiting for all of us to step into so beautifully, I have chosen to take the word "healing" out of my energy vocabulary.

Because we are in a constant state of evolution! Healing, like I thought about it 20 years ago, or even five years ago, was the end goal. That's no longer my end goal in the way in which I am living.

Now, the way I'm living in each quantum now--it is perfect, just as it is. So the way that I have taken healing out is I don't make healing the goal. I make evolving myself, I make stepping into the next best moment, I decide what's the next best choice I can make, to expand who I am now, to serve the collective, to serve my clients, and to better instruct my students in quantum energy technologies.

I'm so excited about this,...

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Golden Gauze


Personal Note: My father has crossed over since I filmed this vlog. The content is still relevant and timeless. 

I've been doing a lot of energy work recently on my father

As some of you may remember, he's in hospice, and I have supported many people in crossing over energetically. I consider that to be one of the most important things that I do--energetically helping when people are ready. They don't do it because of me, they do it because of them.

When a person is ready to leave their body, we can support them energetically with that--with a nice clean release.

So I was working with my father knowing full well that he was in hospice.

With the other people that I've worked with before, I have seen a golden tunnel that I've noticed comes out right above the top of their head. I have seen this golden tunnel that goes up for 21 chakras, straight up to source.

I've had this experience multiple times.

In fact, the first time I had it was in a mystical...

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