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Our Infused Intention for May of 2022 is Growth.

We are in a three eclipse cycle that's happening right now. In fact, we're just having a total lunar eclipse, and there will be another eclipse at the end of this month.

The energy informed us that Growth was the Infused Intention for this month, because of the eclipses and the sweeping change that happens with eclipses. You know, we can choose to contract or we can choose to expand.

I choose expansion every time, no matter how uncomfortable it is, no matter how much I'm outside of my comfort zone, and no matter how much I'm triggered by what's happening around me. I choose growth, I choose expansion every time, and I'm willing to step forward in that space.

I'm willing to feel it, because you know, we must feel it to process it.

When we do that, we can incorporate it into our consciousness and then we're done-- we can release it, process it, alchemize it, and turn it into light.

And there we are--a higher vibrating...

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Brain Function


Brain Function.

Come on!

I am so surprised at how my brain is shifting and changing as I am going from 3D to 5D.

As our world is shifting from 3D to 5D.

However you want to think about the shift or the physical ascension or the Great Awakening; it's happening. We're all aware of that. How it's affecting my brain has been very interesting to me.

In fact, it's been alarming at times that my brain isn't working like it used to. Given that I'm 65, my first impulse was to think that it was my age that was doing that, when in fact, that is not what is doing that. It is shifting from 3D to 5D.

Old paradigms are breaking apart.

As you know, this is all part of the shift. Paradigms in the human experience are breaking apart; 3D paradigms that will no longer serve us in the fifth dimension

So this 5D brain gets to be fully present in the quantum now.

I had a brain that stored information very easily and quickly, and I was able to store it and retrieve it; I was one...

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2020 Blew the top off!

new earth Oct 21, 2020

I live in a little condo on the beach in southeastern Florida.

I walk before the sun comes up, and I find these beautiful shells on my morning walk.

They remind me about how much life is in the ocean. Look at these beautiful shells.

There's life in these that creates these beautiful shells.

I always used to pick up the ones that were in the best shape.

Then 2020 came along, and I kinda feel like 2020 did this to a lot of us: kind of put a hole in us; tossed us around a lot; and, maybe broke some things loose.

As I was thinking about being quarantined in 2020, I was so glad that I was quarantined with my husband. Look at this beautiful shell that I found where these two shells came together and washed up on shore.

This is a beautiful expression of yin and yang; and a lovely representation of us being quarantined together on the beach.

The one that really got me was this one where the whole top had been blown off.

So instead of just getting bounced around in 2020 with all the...

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