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Get Together in the Energy!


Get together with your people and work on energy

We have a Mastermind that meets in Quantum Energy Infusion. Actually, we have several of them. The one that I'm referring to now is with our Quantum Energy Infusion Certified Consultants. We meet once a month, and there's nine of us that show up.

I've spoken about this group before.

We met this last week with the energies of the Lion's Gate coming in, and I'm going to tell you, when we all come together, the energies are magnified. We are more together than the sum of our parts; I really want you to understand this.

Get together with one person that you know that you can share your energy with, and by that I mean any energy techniques, tools, or technologies that you already know.

I don't care if you're a Reiki person, if you understand the meridians, if you tap, whatever it is you do, get together with your people. Now is the time! Well, it's been the time with everything that's happening; with raising the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence. However, you think of this awakening that's happening on Earth; this evolution of humanity that is so powerful.

The point of this video is--come together. You can do it on Zoom, you can do it at your home, you can do it in a in a public place, whatever works for you.

This last week, when our consultants got together, we had so much source energy coming in. We put one person on the energy seat, as we like to call it, and then the rest of us work on that person. Then we spend anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes giving that person on the energy seat an energy treatment. Now that means from all of us. So the other eight of us are sending energy and working with this person's energy systems.

We had things range from anger to creative insecurity. We had so much stuff that got worked on, especially with all these high frequencies coming in. We had source energy coming in, and for every person, one of us had our arms all the way up acting as a funnel for that source energy to come in to this participants energy field.

Maybe was coming into their auric field, some of them had it coming into their chakra system, some of them had it coming right into the cells and tissues of their body. You know, these light codes come right into the center of the cell.

Yes, there is a point of light in every cell of our body. Sometimes, that energy comes right into the cells and tissues of our body. So it just depends on how that person is receiving energy, how they're ready for it, where they are now, and what it is they're trying to work on.

The point of this is, when you share energy with your friends, colleagues, or your clients, and you come together, it amplifies everything for everybody.

When you think about it, if you're the one on the energy seat, you're receiving the energy and you're getting this beautiful treatment from the other people that are there. If you are giving the energy, you are receiving the energy as it's coming through you to send to them. This is as it's coming into your system, your energy systems and theirs as well.

Let's say it's coming into your chakra system. That high source energy--it looked like double helix. And it's coming in and these new light codes, this new information for our new world, it is happening. This is where we are, people.

The more that you can help upgrade your body to receive these higher frequencies, the better experience you're going to have in the New Earth. The fact that you're being a light leader and bringing in these energies; we're holding the space for this transformation as we're raising the levels of consciousness.

You benefit from it.

The person that's receiving the energy--it benefits the people that you interact with.

Your auric field goes out not only feet, but miles. It can go out miles around you. So you are benefiting the people you live with, you're benefiting the people you work with, anyone within miles of you is benefiting from your high frequency auric field and the collective is benefiting because you're doing the work.

So come together!

After these three years of isolation, come together in somebody's home, a workplace, or in a park for heaven's sakes, and bring it up! All the Earth and Gaia along with it.

Get together and share your energy experiences, because we really want to normalize this new normal. The New Earth is here and we are stepping into it. Those of us leading the way as light leaders get to talk about it.

We get to share our energy, share our experiences, and help everyone else know that they are not losing their minds.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!


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