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Mastermind Release


Every single month, the Quantum Energy Infusion Consultants come together for a Mastermind.

We are together for two hours in which we do energy work with and for each other. It is magical, it is mystical, and we often have out-of-body type experiences.

We had one last night that took us back over 2000 years; it was so mind blowing that all of us have been texting each other for 24 hours talking about having our minds blown!

What was it like to be in the quantum now of an event 2000 years ago?

I speak into this with release; I speak to this in terms of the quantum now. I also speak to this by talking about a morphogenic field and the power that we have when we come together with intention in an energetic field. We actually create a morphogenic field.

So we did that last night. We do it every month. We come together, as our certified consultants, to discuss things for the company, and we want to support each other with this high level of energy work that's available through Quantum Energy Infusion.

So last night, we were working on a release. Now it just so happens that this is January, and the infused intention for this month is release. That's not why we were doing it though; it was time to release some very old stuff for one of our consultants.

As it turns out, it was from 2000 years ago.

The beautiful part about this was that all of us supported her energetically. And all of us were transported to that quantum now that was 2000 years ago.

This is mind blowing.

You're probably sitting there like, "how do they even know? how did it happen?"

Well, I know how it happened because we went into the absolute energy. We have very high frequencies, and we did energy exercises and technologies that brought us to our highest frequency.

Then, we were literally able to move through time. Time and space no longer became a barrier. We simply went there.

So that was an energy technology that took us there, and it was a release that our  colleague needed to let go of. It was our willingness to support her, and our intention to support her, that helped transport us back 2000 years ago into the same time and space where this original wound happened. It was that quantum now. And it was our quantum now in 2022 as we were on a zoom call working together.

Again, all time compressed; time is an illusion. We were in that event.

It was amazing.

With the healing that took place, we realized that not only had it healed her in that quantum now from 2000 years ago, but that we had four other people that were at that same event over 2000 years ago. Each one of them did work around their experience.

We now realize that many of us in this incarnation in 2022 were at that very event 2000 years ago. It is remarkable, it is exciting, it is mind numbing, and it is all about release. It's time to let those things go.

When we do the energy work, and we release something from 2000 years ago, that is going to affect the collective.

Think about that.

Our entire mission of my company, Quantum Energy Infusion is to raise the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence. Can you imagine that?

If we released the wound from 2000 years ago, and humanity has now had that wound released, imagine how that's coming forth 2000 years later. Imagine how that is supporting us now in our consciousness and how the collective can arise because that wound is healed.

It's so exciting to be a part of this work. I am so thrilled you're here watching this. And I do hope that it has piqued your curiosity about what's possible. Because the energy levels that we are achieving with Quantum Energy Infusion merely defy words.

And this was me trying to put words around a miraculous marvelous experience that nine of us experienced last night in a Mastermind (in a morphogenic field) that literally transcended time.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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