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This New Year's Eve was different. I normally do a ritual or a burning bowl or I go to church.

This year, I wanted to release 2021 and 2020. Come on, we all want to release that; not only for our own personal experience, but also for what's happened with humanity.

I was out on my morning walk on the beach, and I was talking to my guides about what I should do. I was going to body test.

Should I do the burning bowls? Should I take this ritual I normally take?

I got a "no" for all of them.

And I said, "Well, what am I supposed to do?"

And I got the answer "Nothing."

I said, "Oh, no, that's not an option. I totally want to release 2021". And they said, "Let us do it," and I said, "Okay, what do you want me to do to support you in that?"


All I needed was to literally be open, willing, and let them release.

I was able to release the energy, the stress, the disappointment, the unexpectedness of 2021, along with the hope that maybe it would be better than 2020.

As I walked, I allowed them to minister to me. I think of my angels and my guides as ministers to me. As they were helping me release all of these old energies, it felt like a fog coming up.

It was amazing.

I had all of this energy coming out of the cells and the tissues of my body. I could literally feel it in my auric field, and I wanted to gently disperse it.

Then, it went out into the Quantum Field to be neutralized. I did not have any specific remembrances of it. It literally came out of me like energy. So when I was done with my walk, I said, "Okay, is that it?"

They said, "No, it's going to be another 24 hours".

And I said "Of this?" and they said, "Yes."

For 24 hours straight, I released 2020 and 2021 in a way that I could have never imagined was possible.

Check in with your guides, or your angels, or someone that you trust, or an ancestor that's crossed over and see if they want to support you in a release.

Or do it yourself; do it on faith. You can say "I choose to release these parts of 2021 that no longer serve me". If you have a remembrance come up, that's also okay because it's coming to your consciousness so that you can be aware of it and integrate it. That's its own type of release, quite frankly.

Or it may just feel that you feel energy coming; you might feel like you're going to cough, puke, or you've got a pain someplace. All of that is energy on its way out; allow it to move.

If you have the option of being ministered to by an angel or an ancestor or a guide, give yourself that opportunity. It was memorable, it was magical, and it was thorough for me.

I asked the next day and the day after that if I have more to release. I got a "no" the next day.

"It benefits me to do another kind of ritual or experience."

I got a "no".

How beautiful is that? After 27 years of energy work, it was done for me as a gift. Gift that to yourself.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!


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