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Our Job in the Shift


Atoms were the topic last week about how atoms are energy, your body is energy, and your forcefield is energy. Let's add on to what you’ve already had time to think about.
Your forcefield extends out into the world around you, into the world that is energy around you--Energy meeting up with other energies.

We're going to take this a step further… What about all of these energies that I've been talking about that are coming in from the sun? The sun as a portal is bringing in higher-frequency energies as in light that's organized in newer ways. Click here for more on all this light

Light is a higher-frequency than previously experienced. Do you think that's going to affect you? It has to! It’s energy, you are energy, and everything is energy.

Do you think it's affecting the earth? It is. Do you think it's affecting your neighbor next door? It is. Even if they're not awake yet, it's still affecting them because this higher-frequency light is the next level as it's a step up from where we are now in this 3D experience. Click here for more on Humanity's Shift in Consciousness

There's a higher-frequency light coming in. Click here for more on the Energy of Light we're in
You are going to feel it if you're awake. Even if you're not awakened… If you're awake, if you consider yourself a lightworker, or even if you consider yourself curious, you may be feeling the impact of these higher frequencies coming into your energy system.
Frequency Accelerators - click here

You, as an energy being, are a combination of energy systems… That's what you are. Yes, you have a mental body, an emotional body, a physical body, a spiritual body, and you are an energetic being! I want you to get really clear about that.

These higher frequencies, the photons, and all of this that's coming in can make you feel funny, which is the easiest way to put it. It can even make you feel bipolar! There are days where I'm up and down, back up, back down, then back up and down again. All of a sudden, some of the energy of the collective will hit me like a ton of bricks!

All of a sudden, I have had a complete shift in feeling and energy. Then I get to process some of that energy from the collective to help it release and transmute back into light.

So if you're feeling this and you're being called upon to be a lightworker to transmute these lower frequencies that are in the collective, they are in our third dimension.

We've been having human experiences, 3D experiences in these meat sacks and our bodies have taken on these lower vibrating frequencies of the human experience.

Our job now is to bring in the 5D energies to live in a level of consciousness that is 5D and to bring 5D to us in the 3D and help everyone shift into a 5D frequency, which is being called Physical Ascension. It's also being called The Great Awakening so pick what you want to call it as my guides call it The Shift.

As we are shifting into these higher levels of frequency, you may feel funny and that can be everything from feeling bipolar to having a headache or having joint pain or feeling like you have to go to the bathroom all the time just because all of these energies are coming through you and flushing you out and cleaning you up and raising your frequency. I feel lightheaded a lot (and dizzy).

My husband has vertigo with this. His main symptom is vertigo, and sometimes he just has to sit down because it's coming in so fast and so hard, he's processing it so effectively, that it's like he's a lightning rod for these higher frequencies coming in. It is his goal to embody 5th dimension levels of consciousness in his 3rd dimension body to anchor those frequencies into the earth.

It's a big job!
Anybody that wants to do it, can! You absolutely have the capability to do this--When you start feeling these things… Acknowledge them. Say “Thank you, I am ready to process this energy, I'm ready to transmute it, I'm ready to work for the collective, I'm ready to be the best version of me,” whatever that means for you.

Breathe into it.
Be with it. Let it rumble through you. I probably have five videos already posted about what it's like to let this rumble through you. Click here and let that emotion rumble through
Click here to find out more on how we can help process the energy that's changing all around us

Then you are complete! You've done your work for you. You've done your work for your family, for the collective, and you are fully present in this quantum moment.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--Where everything is energy.

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