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Science Proves Energy is Everything


Everything is energy.
Do you remember back in science class when you learned about an atom? I remember my mind being blown when my science teacher said, “An atom is the building block of everything. Atoms have a nucleus, electrons, protons, and neutrons that go around them.” All of that whole thing is just a blur that we're only starting to be able to see through microscopes where scientists can start to see the atomic matter. Scientists were looking at these and they realized that atoms were 99.99% air.

Well, I think of that air is energy!

Atoms are 99.99% energy and 0.01% matter, which is that nucleus, the electrons, protons, and neutrons--You know what I'm talking about, so think about that for a minute.
The building block of everything that we know is an atom and it is almost all energy.
Well, a couple of atoms come together and they form molecules, then molecules form elements, and then elements come together and start forming tissues. We have tissues, then we have organs, then we have skin, then we have a being, then we have a body.

Can you see that your body is energy?

Even though it's compressed energy, the matter that is your body is compressed energy--It's still energy, and it's still atoms at its core.
Now in 2021, we have a newer language, we have quantum physics, we have quantum mechanics, we have quarks, we have waves, we have particles, and we have wave particles… All these different ways we talk about energy, but let's just stick with the atom for now.

Can you imagine that if your body is all fully made of atoms, which are 99.99% energy, that that energy exudes out from your body?
It does! It exudes out from you in a forcefield that is still you, that is still the energy of who you are and what you're expressing.
So can you imagine that if you choose to embody joy, that that energy expressed outward will be joyful? Can you imagine that if you are embodying sadness or shame, that a lower vibrating level of consciousness coming out from you would feel lower vibrating, would feel sad, or would feel shameful?

We can embody levels of consciousness that are energy. 
Joy has an energy, and it has a frequency about it. Peace has a frequency, love has a frequency, and courage has a frequency.
They are levels of consciousness that have energetic frequencies about them. What you embody is the energy that you radiate outward into your force field, into the collective, and into the world around you... And it matters.

Every single moment that you are exuding higher frequency energy of a higher-level consciousness, that higher level of you affects the collective consciousness. Can I raise my consciousness? Click here.

You matter, you make a difference as everything is energy. Bring it! Bring it to your life, and bring it to the world.
It's time.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--Where everything is energy.

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