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Can I Raise My Consciousness?


Last week’s vlog generated so much interest, I am going to answer a question about Humanity’s Shift in Consciousness. Click here to watch it.

One person wanted to know if she could raise her consciousness.

Yes, you can!

We actually measure the level of consciousness of the participants in our programs. 

Here are Quantum Energy Infusion’s results for the month of July, 2020. 

We have 24 participants in 3 Cohorts.

After 4 Modules of the Program,

One Level 1 group with 9 participants increased an average of 14% with the lowest being 7% and the highest at 20%

Another Level 1 group with 6 participants increased an average of 13% ranging from 6% to 38%

Our Level 2 Group with 9 participants increased an average of 16% ranging from 8% to 28%!

This increase occurred all in one month while developing their Energy Practice in Quantum Energy Infusion.

Here's another example: 

I was asked to be a part of a training last weekend.

It had 3 parts. 

There was a 45 minute lecture on the science of frequencies, mediation, brain waves, and consciousness followed by a lively discussion.  

I gave a 30 minute presentation on Energy from my Quantum perspective. 

The 2nd Trainer did a 90 minute process involving meditation, breathwork, sacred sounds, and connected movement followed by some deep coaching on the effects of the process. 

I tested the level of consciousness of each of the 11 participants in the training 

Before it began.

And at the end of the 3 hours. 

As a group, they went up an average of 8 points from the 3 hours of training presented. 

 Yes, you can raise your level of consciousness.

How exciting is that! 

We are living in a time when The Shift is happening. 

You can be a part of the growt

The expansion.

The up-leveling of humanity!

Find your favorite ways to raise your consicousness. 

Start by setting your intention then do what comes naturally. If you have set the intention, your eternal self is already making suggestions to you. You could:


Walk in Nature

Do yoga

Play with your kids

Call your friend

Learn something new

Be of service

Do what makes your heart sing!

That will contribute to you raising your consciousness.

Then you contribute to raising the collective consciousness of humanity! 

What you do matters!


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